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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:34pm 29/04/14 | 7 Comments
While we've already shown you what we spoke about with Bungie's David "DeeJ" Dague, we also mentioned we'd gone hands-on with the game.

You can find our thoughts on this, in part, collated with a chat we also had with the game's lead investment developer, Tyson Greene. Obviously there's more details to emerge, but we didn't really have much chance to explore outside of a controlled environment. This was more to get a feel for the game, which we're not too shy to say was quite good. We have more content on the way this week as well, including a more in-depth look at the game's art and visuals, but for now, enjoy our gameplay impressions.

Click here for the full Destiny hands-on preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:23pm 29/4/14
Was the word "Halo" not allowed to be mentioned or something?

Did you say, "Hey, this reminds me of Halo" and get smacked?

Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:51pm 29/4/14
No, because it doesn't remind me of Halo at all. Unless you take broad strokes like sci fi and FPS as meaning to be like Halo.

It's really different to be honest. Like, really different.
Posted 09:00pm 29/4/14
Destiny should be a good game. Great to see Bungie back developing.
Posted 10:40pm 29/4/14
I watched the video a few stories down...tbh it looked pretty dull :S

A shame It's not coming to PC anytime soon but I'm off playing consoles
Posted 04:50pm 30/4/14
Dull? I have watched every video out there, and NONE of it looks dull. What the heck?
Posted 05:07pm 30/4/14
Does this need a subscription?
Posted 05:56pm 30/4/14
Does this need a subscription?

Nah mate. Bungie have the big bucks of Activision as their publisher.
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