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Post by Eorl @ 04:54pm 22/04/14 | 7 Comments
A new trailer for massively multiplayer online role-playing game Black Desert takes viewers through an expansive and dizzying flying tour of the game's gigantic world.

South Korean developer Pearl Abyss is working on the game, which will feature a quite large sandbox-style world, weather system and detailed character creation. In the video below, Pearl Abyss provides a look at the game's forests, foggy castles, towns, mountains and much more. Access to areas in the game will be seamless with no loading screens and as much pretty visuals as possible.

Black Desert's closed beta is expected to kick off April 22 in South Korea. A Western release has not been announced. Check out the trailer below and if you happen to miss the rather crazy in-depth character creation video as well you can find that alongside.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:09pm 22/4/14
You forgot to put a title in Eorl ;)
Posted 05:33pm 22/4/14
Worst blogger ever. Or whatever it is you do.
Posted 06:19pm 22/4/14
Its a mystery.
Posted 09:58pm 22/4/14
I'm not sure I see the point in discussing korean-only MMO's unless they're confirmed coming to the West as well.

Just seems like building a whole lot of hype over something we might never see.

I get the feeling this might lose out in the west because people will be getting their sand-box mmo vibes off of Arche Age by the time this even enters CB here. And as we've seen with wow, sentimental value with characters can really inhibit uptake on similar games.
Posted 11:08pm 22/4/14
I'm not necessarily advocating discussion to hype the game, but more just to show that there are some crazy awesome features and design decisions that the game has going for it. I'd love to see this in the West, but most Korean/Chinese/Japanese MMOs don't translate well to Western MMO needs.

As you said though, ArcheAge will most likely fill this gap that people want from sandbox games, unless of course Black Desert beats it but that is not foreseeable.
Posted 07:49am 23/4/14
You do realize we are the eastern right?...... People need to start playing more Asian mmo's, its our side of the planet and best for mmos over the likes of western releases.
Posted 09:42am 23/4/14
We might be geographically eastern, but we still count as "the west" when it comes to licensing games.

Also, I kind of hope Black Desert beats ArcheAge, as I think AA has had some stupid changes in one of the latest patches that might roll over (such as destroying exploration exp) but realistically, I doubt we'll see it for years if at all.
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