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Post by Dan @ 09:27am 22/04/14 | 5 Comments
Veteran racing game developer Codemasters has teased a new racing game that is widely expected to be a new addition to the successful GRID franchise.

A teaser trailer posted on the official GRID Youtube channel features the grid emblem logo and a reveal date of April 22 2014 (tomorrow in UK time) with the tagline "Brace Yourselves...Racing is Coming".

Additionally, a post on the official GRID Twitter account promises that "next Tuesday's announcement will NOT have the words Android or iOS in them", indicating that it won't just be another mobile racing game, but a full experience on PC or console or most likely both. We'll know more tomorrow.

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Posted 09:51am 22/4/14
Something more in the line of GRID 1 or even better Toca Race Driver series than the trash GRID 2 was.
Posted 10:38am 22/4/14
Yea, in fact something even a bit more realistic than Grid 1 would be good. Grid 1 had at least some semblance of car physics if you turned off all the driver aids.
Posted 10:47am 22/4/14
This thread is probably as good as any then.

What's a good driving game with realistic car physics now Striker? Something that supports a tablet/phone for a dash, multi screen, Logitech G support, etc. So many crappy car games out there that feel terrible.
Posted 11:25am 22/4/14
Umm, in terms of realism - iRacing is about the best but requires a subscription and lots of in game purchases to buy additional tracks and cars. www.iracing.com

Assetto Corsa is in beta at the moment, but has slick graphics and (from all reports) a pretty good driving model. http://www.assettocorsa.net/en/

Project CARS is in development by Slightly Mad Studios, you used to be able to get early access but that is now closed so you'll have to wait for it to come out. http://www.wmdportal.com/project/cars

Last but certainly not least, RaceRoom Racing Experience by SimBin studios is F2P on Steam. I found the driving model to be quite decent (better than Grid 1 was). Lots of micro transactions to buy additional content (or you can win in game currency to unlock things). Single player only at this stage (All the competitions are time trials). The competitions change weekly, so even though you technically only get 2 tracks / 5 cars for free, in reality you get to play a bunch of new tracks and cars every week as the competitions don't require you to have the content unlocked.
Posted 02:00pm 22/4/14
Agreed, I was very excited for GRID 2, and played it quite a bit online, but it was lacking compared to the original GRID. I hope they've taken the feedback about that game onboard for this one.
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