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Post by Eorl @ 10:33am 15/04/14 | 21 Comments
After releasing a rather pretty looking trailer showing off all the features you can expect when utilising an Nvidia GPU on the PC platform, Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin has taken to Twitter (via DualShockers) to offer some solid advice on what PC players can expect with their specs.

According to Morin, a lot of different specs will be able to run the game "at high level of detail, but for ultra you’ll need at least an Intel Core i7-4770K with a GeForce 780." Those wanting to get the exact quality from the Nvidia Tech trailer will be looking at throwing the big dollars down, with an Intel Core i7-3930k and a GeForce Titan used to record the footage. My GTX 570 is crying in the corner right now.

Luckily, it seems like AMD folks will be able to enjoy most of the quality enhancements. Morin's Twitter post revealed that while AMD video card users won't be able to enjoy Nvidia's TXAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing), the HBAO+ (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) technology, while developed by Nvidia, will still work on AMD cards. Morin also weighed in on his view of why Watch Dogs is different from other open world games:
I think the biggest difference is how you interact with the world through hacking, profiling & seamless online. Pretty much everything in the game is structured around our hyper-connected city. This brings your brain to consider very different solutions in all situations. It makes you think/play in a very fresh/new ways.
If that wasn't an overload of information for you, according to Morin's Twitter when invading an enemy you will have an option to actually select how your victim sees you, allowing you to be creative and unique for each invasion.

Watch Dogs is planned for release come May 27th for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A Wii U version is also planned for release sometime this year. Check out the Nvidia trailer below to see the PC version in action.

watch dogsubisoftpcnvidiagpu technologyamd
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:45am 15/4/14
Those stone paths with rain look incredible.
Posted 10:58am 15/4/14
Pew pew, 3930K time! Asus needs to hurry up with their 27" 1440p 120Hz G-Sync panel.

No upgrade for me. Overkill 12 months ago is still overkill now.
Posted 10:56am 15/4/14
dope - my upgrade came just in time

last edited by dewb at 10:56:38 15/Apr/14
Posted 11:37am 15/4/14
im so jealous :( anyone got money to give to the poor :'(
Posted 11:54am 15/4/14
Sorry TiT, only Dogecoins.

I think I might upgrade to a GTX 780 Ti and put my 7970 into another dogecoin mining machine.

Asus needs to hurry up with their 27" 1440p 120Hz G-Sync panel.

The sound of that gets me pretty excited.
Posted 12:52pm 15/4/14
Shouldn't have trouble with my new rig.
780ti sli
16g 2400 ram

But not getting it because...
Posted 12:57pm 15/4/14

The sound of that gets me pretty excited.

The most exciting thing to happen in a fair while.
Posted 01:23pm 15/4/14
Hate games that are designed to gimp certain cards. Nvidia games seem the worse for it. Almost like they coded in to screw gameplay for amd cards. Crysis was bad for it. Ill stick with my 7970. Till i can afford 290x.
Posted 01:28pm 15/4/14
Hate games that are designed to gimp certain cards. Nvidia games seem the worse for it. Almost like they coded in to screw gameplay for amd cards.

Would you be saying that if it came out supporting Mantle and a bunch of ATI specific features instead?

Both sides are equally bad at it, its just nobody is really picking up and running with ATI's custom stuff yet like they are Nvidia's. Theres probably games in development though using the ATI specific stuff I'd imagine.
Posted 01:34pm 15/4/14
Lots of game optomisation is done in the driver. Look at Star Citizen, the "Mantle demo" so to say..

The latest driver pushes nVidia's performance in that demo past that of AMD cards, all the while nVidia is still using that "old poxy DX11" and pulling higher numbers than AMD's card which is running this shiny low level API. -- Star Citizen didn't change at all during this time, nVidia's driver changed.

The difference here is the hardware in general. nVidia cards love high levels of Tesselation, PhysX, HBAO+ and G-Sync. AMD doesn't offer as much in this regard. TressFX in Tomb Raider was AMD tech though.
Posted 02:21pm 15/4/14
Makes me want to continue to wait until I can afford a 780ti instead of buying something below it haha.
Posted 02:28pm 15/4/14
Ugh, $489 for a 770 4GB. Why can't we have American tech prices? At least HDD's have gone super cheap now, 1TB is like $60.
Posted 02:47pm 15/4/14
you would only save about 100 bucks (brand dependent) on that card in usa?
Posted 03:06pm 15/4/14
Seems to me that nVidia may be doing this in response to Mantle, cards being suited to AAA titles used to be a much bigger deal than the quick splash screens we see when booting up a game now. I recall when Doom 3 and Half Life 2 were being hyped by the media (no need for the dev's to bother in those cases) one game, no, I can't recall which, was marketed as favoured by ATI, the other nVidia. This was before fancy, yet practically meaningless buzzwords like HBAO+ (the version without the + was S***!) and the advertorials ran vague info about it running better on the hardware.

Even if it isn't in response to Mantle it is smart move anyway, the game is still a while off so a not insignificant number of cards will be bought by then and a fence sitter may just need a little push to get onto nVidias side of the fence. The R9 cards are amazing (I confess that bought one after, once again, swearing off AMD cards after my last dip in the pool, I picked up a 290 (not X) after Christmas) and nVidia showing a game that a lot of people are interested in and may watch just to see some new footage, will stimulate interest in their cards.

Getting a Watch Dogs developer on board makes sense from Ubi's side as well, after the recent storm in a teacup/controversy over a perceived drop in quality has been pushed to backs of peoples minds as they watch the game in a series of slow shots of an active city (bringing GTA trailers to mind, at least early in their trailers) looking glorious; I agree with fryzeegunner regarding the rain on the footpaths- a big change to other big, showy, action filled trailers that mend lend themselves well as advertisements of gameplay but not to what the world will be like to walk around in, something that seems encouraged based on the random crime, web cams and other procrastinations seen in some of the longer gameplay videos.

Benefits everyone except AMD? I doubt it, anyone who has one and played Bioshock Infinite and other DirectX games. One could easily leave aside BF4, which still looked good prior to the Mantle update and I am not sure there is a huge difference in actual noticeable gameplay; If someone could enlighten me, leaving fanboy bias at the door, I would appreciate it. Most articles talk about Matle generally, who lucky they were to get DICE to go along with it or benchmarks which are not real world play. They have their place but using graphs to judge gameplay is like using a tape measure to critique art. :)
Posted 03:54pm 15/4/14

No upgrade for me..


Why can't we have American tech prices?

You can, loads of stores sell to Australia. Newegg is the latest to ship here...
Posted 04:46pm 15/4/14
You can, loads of stores sell to Australia. Newegg is the latest to ship here...
Not when half the items are either "sold out" or unavailable for Australian shipping. Though I'm still not sure how comfortable I am with overseas warranty, at least with Umart I can head down to Milton and get a refund/replacement a lot quicker.
Posted 04:56pm 15/4/14
I didn't realise this either. Last I knew they didn't ship to Aus. If they do now, sweet.

I was doing a nice little write-up on Mantle for Stefanzi, but Chrome crashed my computer. I'll try again later once I know I fixed it. Chrome tearing down s***** walls. :
Posted 05:14pm 15/4/14
I can't believe they needed such heavy end specs to show a few lens flares? I can't remember when I had a lens flare in real life or maybe my eyes are s***?

The night time though looks amazing especially with the weather effects, can I just play it at night time?
Posted 09:00pm 15/4/14
Eorl, You can me need to come out with some sort of dubious scheme so we can get money, get ourselves some GTX700 type cards. Could go for a cheaper GTX750Ti card, they go for $200 or so.
Posted 09:25pm 15/4/14
Thing is if I go for a 750Ti I'd have to upgrade much earlier than proofing with a 770/780. I could as easily just go buy the PS4 version, but almost all my friends are playing on PC and I wouldn't have anyone to invade :(
Posted 03:03am 16/4/14
As soon as I'm a fully qualified electrician I'll be able to afford a full upgrade off of a weeks wages. Can't wait.
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