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Post by Eorl @ 09:13am 11/04/14 | 8 Comments
A new trailer has appeared ahead of Watch Dogs May release, showcasing just what you can expect from the PC version if you happen to be sporting the green flag.

Paul Vlasie, lead PC engineer for Watch Dogs gives a visual overlook at a number of proprietary graphical techniques for Nvidia GPU users, including the rather gorgeous looking HBAO+. Other features include shadows looking rather shadow-y, further enhancements to weather effects to make them even more realistic and some advanced anti-aliasing to reduce flickering during motion.

The technical enchancements definitely do one thing, and that is make the game look far more alive than previously seen. From Aiden wiping away rain from his phone to the gentle breeze in grass and trees, I'm all for heading to Chicago. Watch Dogs will be available on May 27th, and Ubisoft recently confirmed the recommend system requirements so check them out before exploding your computer.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:40am 11/4/14
It looks pretty sweet anyone know cheapest place to buy this game?
Posted 10:46am 11/4/14
GMG have it at $49.99 with a 20% off voucher currently going:

Posted 10:55am 11/4/14

Where's the cheapest place to purchase this?

I read on reddit that Origin India has Deluxe for around $31

Posted 11:01am 11/4/14
hmmm 30 bucks is tempting but steam is better + hopefully will get on the telstra content servers.
Posted 11:10am 11/4/14
Holy sheesh that price is awesome, especially when its deluxe edition. I don't even care that its on Origin.
Posted 04:37pm 11/4/14
pft its the PC version of course its going to be amazing

Posted 12:39am 15/4/14
Rather gorgeous looking HBAO+? Really? Prove its better than ssao. I can't see any difference, but maybe someone can give me a comparison with/without. Here's one

Tell me where the diff is.
Posted 08:41am 15/4/14

Tell me where the diff is.

Shading under the trees bro. Note the image at the top of this link. If you're a maths expert, the document will make perfect sense.

Or one with more pictures:
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