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Post by Eorl @ 02:28pm 02/04/14 | 2 Comments
Cliffhanger Productions has launched its turn-based tactical multiplayer RPG Shadowrun Online via Steam Early Access, giving wannabe deckers and samurai a preliminary look at their dystopian cyberpunk future.

After the result of a rather successful Kickstarter campaign, Shadowrun Online takes place 20 years after the events of last year's Shadowrun Returns. The game builds on the previous storyline with new settings, characters and missions available to players. The developers intend to offer a co-op campaign by the final versions release, with an in-depth PvP component to boot alongside an array of item and character customisation options.

As usual with the Steam Early Access program, Cliffhanger Productions notes that the current version is rather bare on the features planned for release. This is the most basic early access version - it contains four missions and a 1 vs 1 player PvP, but no character creation, progression or anything else yet - this will all come in time," the developer warns. "We want to make sure the basic combat gameplay works well before we pile more features on it."

Shadowrun Online is available at a price tag of $29.99, however it is available at $20.99 thanks to a 30% discount for the first week of sale.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:00pm 02/4/14
Hmmm really?

i liked last years shadowrun returns reboot. Played it thru twice just to try a different builds / take different quest paths etc. But The recent one, set in Berlin, im finding to be not so engrossing and im having to push myself even to play it. Nfi why as its basically the same game just new characters / location and a different story so it should be good?

IMa wait and see about this whole online thing and how it pans out with what features etc they implement.
Posted 05:43pm 02/4/14
Shadowrun Online is done by a completely different developer than Shadowrun Returns.
They seem to have different mechanics in combat too.

So far I haven't seen any of SrO's campaign system and i'm really not expecting much from this title.
Would be nice to be surprised about it but their last game Jagged Alliance Online was reportedly pretty poor.
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