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Post by Dan @ 02:31pm 01/04/14 | 9 Comments
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced that support for video-on-demand service Foxtel Play has launched on PlayStation 3, allowing subscribers of the service to view content from the console.
“Whether it’s music, TV, movies or games, PlayStation fans love all forms of digital entertainment and we remain committed to delivering the most immersive digital entertainment experiences on our platforms through PlayStation Network,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. “Foxtel Play is a fantastic addition to our suite of entertainment services, one that all the family can enjoy.”

Rohan Lund, Foxtel’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We’re thrilled to continue our drive to expand availability of Foxtel Play for Australian subscribers. With the addition of PS3, that expansion just got a massive boost for the 2 million Australians already enjoying great digital experiences on their PlayStation 3 consoles. Today that experience gets even better.”
Support for PlayStation 4 is also said to be "coming soon". Foxtel Play can also already be accessed via Xbox 360 consoles, PCs and several Smart TVs.

Sony and Foxtel are promoting the deal with a focus on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, which premieres on April 7, controversially exclusive to Foxtel in Australia.

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Posted 04:04pm 01/4/14
Just installed the PS3 app and it seems very smooth, looks very similar to the samsung smart tv app. It has the Sky channel running for free to check it out on your connection. Its great that you wont need a PSN+ account to use it (unlike the x360 with its Gold requirement)

Nice work sony/foxtel
Posted 06:00pm 01/4/14
Is the pricing the same as the samsung tv? $25 for base package and $25 for sport?
Posted 06:04pm 01/4/14
Yep, its the same
Posted 06:39pm 01/4/14
Awesome! If Foxtel ever puts my package above $50 I can get a cheap PS3.
Posted 06:46pm 01/4/14
The only thing that turns me off foxtel play is the inability to record and watch content when I please.

I like to follow the EPL but quite often I do not want to stay up and watch a game live at 1am in the morning. I know they replay the games afterwards, but again the same issue...the times may not be suitable.

So you're essentially paying $30+/mth more for the privilege of recording
Posted 07:16pm 01/4/14
How did you install it, I see nothing in the store?
Posted 10:52pm 01/4/14
why would you give money to murdoch?
Posted 07:11am 02/4/14
Wopper: Its done from the TV/Video Services menu, you dont need to go to the PSN store

See http://www.foxtel.com.au/foxtelplay/howitworks/playstation/default.htm
Posted 07:55am 02/4/14
sweet. foxtel play is exactly what im looking for.
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