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Post by Eorl @ 12:17pm 29/03/14 | 12 Comments
DayZ mod and standalone creator Dean Hall has revealed further information about the standalone's roadmap plans during a presentation at EGX Rezzed, outlining exactly what we can expect for the zombie survival game including the possibility of the next update coming as soon as two weeks time.

Of the major points discussed, Hall revealed that crossbows, bows and of course arrows will be due in the immediate future, who described them as a "labour of love" by the team. In regards to the next update, Hall said that players can expect the update to roll out in two weeks as a “best-case scenario“, or the end of April as a “worst case scenario“.

With the bow and arrow update, players will be able to track their own arrows and bolts, Hall stating that this will allow you to reclaim any that aren't stuck in human (or zombie) flesh. Hall also noted that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a big influence in terms of hunting and skinning animals, so hopefully we'll see an interesting take on those mechanics.

Other more imminent changes include the addition of fireplaces, with the team consulting with developers of Project Zomboid for further expertise, and plans to allow fireplaces to upgrade into ovens. Ragdoll physics, neutral animals, persistent loot and objects are also due around the second quarter of the year, with Hall also briefly showing an AK-47 image for the third quarter update.

The long-awaited zombie behaviour overhaul will also be established in the second quarter says Hall, and become more advanced in the third quarter. Loot as well will be controller centrally - Hall stated that his team have been taking notes from games like EVE Online to ensure balance is kept. Advanced animals will also make an appearance in the third quarter of 2014, including animals such as bears and wolves for players to worry about plus companions like dogs from the mod and horses.

Barricading was also mentioned during the presentation, with the ability to place wood onto doors to protect buildings that will "dramatically changed the game,” said Hall, particularly combined with better and more aggressive zombie behaviour. Vehicles also gained a mention, though don't expect any advanced vehicular motion until next year, with more simple two or four-wheeled vehicles planned for fourth quarter.

You can read up on more on the slideshow presentation through these slides thanks to Reddit user jsroberts08. What are you currently looking forward to in the DayZ roadmap? Are you still playing and enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:42pm 29/3/14
never bought it. was always hoping it would be free if you bought arma 2 OA for it.
Posted 03:10pm 29/3/14
Well, looking like I won't be buying it this year then.

The mods for Arma 2 still s*** over everything he's done and everything he's spoken about so far.
Posted 10:11am 30/3/14
It sits on my steam unused after myself and all my mates gave up due to all the bugs and not much to actually do (apart from being killed by a ladder, falling through walls, getting stuck in a room with no working doorsm being kicked from server to lose character)..
Went back to arma3e wasteland, breakingpoint and Epoch mod.
Waste of $30.00
Posted 11:38am 30/3/14
Yeah, I regret giving Dean a cent tbh.
Posted 01:03pm 30/3/14
Myself and a few friends are still playing almost nightly. The bugs can be irritating but we push on.
Posted 02:18pm 30/3/14
I wonder how much of this is actually probably with a clunky engine like Arma 2. I know it's using a forked version of arma2 engine, but it still handles like arma 2 (s***house) and I just can't see a lot of these things happening.

Though, I'll see how we go later this year. If they can deliver on this stuff I might start playing again. At the moment I'm waiting for more content.
Posted 05:59am 31/3/14
So as someone who's on the fence about dropping some money onto the stand alone DayZ, it's not really worth it, and I should stick to ARMA2 DayZ?
Posted 07:36am 31/3/14
Fuzzy, yes. The only thing in S-A is the new-and-improved inventory, which some mods have altered already (ArmA 3 mods have similar, some ArmA 2 mods have just made inventory slightly better).

Everything else is a serious downgrade - almost no zombies, like 5 guns and no vehicles to be seen.

Also, the guns seem to be really inaccurate.
Posted 11:43am 31/3/14
So why would you play this over Rust?
Posted 02:53pm 31/3/14
Do the zombies still noclip through walls?
Posted 10:50pm 31/3/14
He should have made the stand alone with the Crytek engine. Arma2 engine is a pile of piles.
Posted 11:10pm 31/3/14
C**** from NZ.
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