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Post by Eorl @ 05:20pm 28/03/14 | 8 Comments
The Elder Scrolls Online will be launching next week, though those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to jump in somewhat earlier starting tomorrow morning. Ahead of the launch, Zenimax Online has provided some new details on what you can expect to do in-game once you've hit max level, including PvP.

In a post on the game's blog, creative director Paul Sage outlined the typical content you'll encounter as you venture across the lands of Tamriel once you've completed the standard MMO levelling grind. On offer for high-level adventurers is the chance to participate in solo and duo PvE content, titled Veteran Rank zones, as well as four player Veteran dungeons, the Craiglorn Adventure Zone, 12 player Trials and boatload of PvP.

With the Elder Scrolls background being quite faction versus faction heavy, its no surprise to see that Zenimax Online has released a list of campaigns available on both the North American and European megaservers for when the game goes live. These campaigns are smaller battles in the ongoing Alliance War, so if you want to fight alongside your friends, you should consult this list and make sure you all choose the same one when you hit level ten and gain access.

The Elder Scrolls Online launches on Windows and Mac come April 4th, with console ports coming sometime later. Early access will be available starting March 29th in Australia, and previous beta testers won't need to download a new client to play.

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:54pm 28/3/14
As I posted in the other thread, you can log in now and update your game ready for the weekend.
Posted 07:37pm 28/3/14
Is there much excitement for this is in the hardcore mmo community, I lost complete interest 4 hours into the beta weekend and it slipped completely off my radar of things to give even a small s*** about.
Posted 10:24pm 28/3/14
Heh, is there even a hardcore mmo community anymore? I dunno though, I'm interested to see how it fares, got a few Facebook friends are pretty keen on it but they're mostly coming at it as elder scrolls fans rather than mmo fans
one point twenty one
Posted 02:15pm 29/3/14
This will be my first mmo. Only getting into it because it's elder scrolls. Remains to be seen if I can justify for the $15 monthly spend for the amount of hours I can play.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 03:45pm 29/3/14
Because $3.75 a week is just so expensive
Posted 10:11am 30/3/14
What race/class/faction are people rolling?
Posted 12:00pm 30/3/14
Because $3.75 a week is just so expensive
Wasted money is wasted money.
Posted 07:12pm 30/3/14
pumped for this, fookin 119.00 for the imperial edition meh.
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