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Post by Dan @ 11:00am 28/03/14 | 3 Comments
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the hotly anticipated open world action title Watch_Dogs, offering a virtual tour of the game's vision of a dystopic near-future Chicago.

Accompanying the trailer is a detailed Q&A explaining several aspects of the game, including particulars of the day/night cycle and weather systems, and the quantity of unique non-player character citizens that inhabit the virtual world.

Watch Dogs will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One come May 27th. A Wii U version is slated to launch at a later date and has been delayed to give the team additional development time

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:05pm 28/3/14
As much as I hate Ubisoft, I just couldn't pass this one by. I already preordered it. Now let's just hope Ubisoft doesn't find some way to screw things up.
Posted 04:23pm 28/3/14
I have a feeling I'm going to give in and pre-order the statue set. I want this injected into my veins, has so much potential to be big.
Posted 07:21pm 28/3/14
Why do you hate Ubisoft? They are like the only studio that does a yearly release where the new game is better than the last iteration. The only bad thing about Ubi is Uplay, otherwise they've got some great IPs and talent.

I'm pumped for this.
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