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Post by Eorl @ 01:15pm 27/03/14 | 2 Comments
Special editions are a normal occurrence in today's video game world, offering a number of extra goodies that usually include an art book or figurine of some sort for that higher price point. Today, Bethesda has announced their Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition that will include a quite large amount of themed-physical content in a very shiny box. Oh, but there is no game included.

Running at the $100 price mark, the edition is limited to 5,000 physical copies, and you’ll get a footlocker-style box containing an assortment of maps, case files, and an x-ray. An 8-inch robotic dog figurine is also included to place on your shelf, which you've probably seen in the numerous trailers and screenshots of the past. Only thing missing is the actual game.

“This collector's edition does not include a copy of the game,” the product description on Bethesda’s site explains. “Keep your pre-order at your favorite retailer and we'll send you these goodies separately—this way we can ship these boxes worldwide and you're not stuck waiting for your game to come along with an oversized, expensively shipped box.”

The special edition also includes 14 postcards from the game's alternate history bound in a pretty display book and three patches to sew onto your leather jacket to make you look even cooler. Even more perplexing than the missing game is the fact that this edition comes with a unique steelbook case. To put your game disc in. Which you need to buy separately.

We've seen a number of quite strange special editions in the past, however this one definitely takes the title as strangest special edition yet. Those eager to purchase the box of goodies can head over to Bethesda's store.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:41pm 27/3/14
I'm looking forward to the game, but this thing is indicative of some serious hubris. I wonder if they'll even sell them all?
Posted 02:06pm 27/3/14
Tell me more dais.

I for one kinda like this model for purchase.
It should 'be made available to pre-order customers first' (and ultimately needs to reflect the 'cost' in quality of content).

This works well from the stand-point that if I want it on PS3/PS4/XB360/XBone/PC I can 'tack on' the 'collectors pack'.
(Same same I can digitally purchase the game and etc)
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