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Post by Dan @ 11:51am 27/03/14 | 5 Comments
Eidos Montreal's cyberpunk themes and setting in Deus Ex: Human Revolution were ripe for the live action film treatment -- ripe enough that CBS films acquired the rights and the last we heard, had Sinister/The Day the Earth Stood Still director Scott Derrickson attached -- but some fans have beaten Hollywood to the punch with this impressive short.
Based on the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a serif industries' security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that almost took his life away. Although the film doesn't follow the narrative of the game exactly, it remains true to the theme while focusing on the relationship between Adam Jensen, and his ex girlfriend Megan Reed, a scientist hand picked by Serif Industries to head Cybernetic Augmentations.

Megan is taken by the Illuminati and is asked to assist them in turning on a mysterious device but she refuses to cooperate. Jensen has been looking for Megan since she was kidnapped and has finally pinpointed her location. Adam faces a complication that he did not account for; Yelena Federova, an Augmented assassin is at the facility where Megan is being held. The film also taps, even if briefly, into Adam's mind and the struggle he must face on daily basis.
Check it out below.

deus ex human revolutiondeus exfan filmmovietrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 05:17pm 29/3/14
That was pretty cool. I was suprised by the production quality.
Posted 06:13pm 29/3/14
that was great! amazing effort for fans!
Posted 06:46pm 29/3/14
Really great production quality, but some dodgy acting and plot issues, which seems to be a problem that most fan-made films suffer from.
Posted 12:32am 30/3/14
That was good.
Posted 01:20am 30/3/14
It was boring and crap. Expected way more dialogue.
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