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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:26am 26/03/14 | 21 Comments
Ubisoft has been kind enough to throw some beta keys our way for Trials Fusion for PC. You'll need to use their Uplay service, but the key will unlock a number of tracks and mini-games:
In the first phase, the beta will include 14 tracks and 2 skill games, with leader-boards and challenges. The content of the Beta will evolve in time through weekly updates until launch.
The game is due on April 24 on PC, but the beta is currently running, so as soon as you secure a key, you can get in and test your frustration levels. All you need to do is put your hand up for one in the Comments section.

Be sure to drop your experience with the beta in the Comments, too. It's first in, best dressed and we only have 10 for the site, so get in fast.

beta accesstrials fusionpcubisoftuplay
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:36am 26/3/14
How do we get one of these?
Posted 11:41am 26/3/14
^ yes how do we get these keys you speak of?
only thing i can find to get a key is tp preorder :(

Ubisoft® has announced that players who pre-order Trials Fusion™ for Windows PC on Uplay™ and other selected digital retailers will have access to a closed beta, which began on, March 21.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:44am 26/3/14
Sorry, updated. It's just putting your hand up in the thread :)

So I'll PM you both shortly
The GuVna
Posted 11:50am 26/3/14
Me Please!
Posted 11:57am 26/3/14
Actually, scrap that, I'm playing too many games already.

last edited by Strik3r at 11:57:15 26/Mar/14
Posted 12:06pm 26/3/14
Yeah I'll grab one if they are available.
Posted 01:27pm 26/3/14
Hiya, I'll jump in on the Beta if you're offering!

Not a first-post bandit.
Posted 01:44pm 26/3/14
i'll take a key please
Posted 01:53pm 26/3/14
I'll take one, thanks.
Posted 01:54pm 26/3/14
right here
Posted 02:02pm 26/3/14
I would <3 a key as this game frustrates me like none other!
Posted 02:24pm 26/3/14
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:48pm 26/3/14
And that's it, last one gone.

Cheers guys.

If there's enough demand over the next little bit, we'll try and get more.
Posted 03:02pm 26/3/14
Thanks! I'll post some feedback once I ragequit for the afternoon.
Posted 05:17pm 26/3/14
there's a sneaky way of getting one if you pre-order it from amazon, get the key in your email, and then cancel the pre-order before the release date i suppose. but i can't imagine once you've played it you'd cancel
Posted 06:21pm 26/3/14
Aw I missed out?
Posted 08:28pm 27/3/14
Signed up for the eurogamer and cvg comps.

Managed to get both, heres a spare:
Congratulations, you have won one of the 500 Trials Fusion beta keys Eurogamer is giving away.

Here is your key: 5UP-H8WC-BG6B-TNKP-RR96

To redeem it, just load up Uplay and find the option to activate a product. You should then be able to insert the key and download the beta. (If you have difficulties, make sure there are no spaces anywhere in the key you copy and paste as this can cause Uplay to slip up.)

Enjoy the beta and thanks for reading!

holla in here if you get it so people don't continue to try it!
Posted 01:02pm 28/3/14
the game runs surprisingly well on my PC considering evolution was a stuttery POS. got through the beginner courses with just the keyboard. i think a controller will be mandatory for the more advanced courses.
Posted 07:17pm 28/3/14
Loving the beta. It really is just like other trials, as far as gameplay. But, the graphics are great, and it just feels 'next-gen.' And of course, it's just as terribly frustrating to get golds. The completionists worst nightmare. Thanks again!
Posted 10:45pm 28/3/14

I'm loving the beta too. Got gold in everything now, definitely easier if you use a controller. I made some vids of the secret areas in some of the tracks too

So if you're lost on any of those three - boom.

Posted 11:45pm 28/3/14
Key plz Joaby. Pull stings asap. K thx ;)
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