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Post by Eorl @ 11:28am 22/03/14 | 8 Comments
Continuing with the Ubisoft news, the developer's next Far Cry game will apparently take place in a rather varied setting than we are usually use to: the Himalayas, according to a report from Eurogamer.

Citing "people familiar with the project," Eurogamer reports that the new setting will feature a variety of environments aside from snow-capped mountains, and will allow for new types of gameplay like saddling up and riding elephants. A Twitter post from Internet sleuth Superannuation hinted at the new title last month, also addressing that the title could possibly include monsters. The infamous Yeti perhaps?

According to Eurogamer, Far Cry 4 will stick with the gameplay that made Far Cry 3 and its neon-coloured spin-off Blood Dragon so fun, including the ability to liberate outposts and presumably hunt for wildlife. Far Cry 4 is apparently some time away, though Eurogamer's sources stated that we can expect some glimpses of the title at this year's E3, and that it will be for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:31am 22/3/14
Great location. Cant wait!
Posted 12:15pm 22/3/14
I'm glad they're varying it from jungles, but I also want them to go back to Africa at some point. If they can do without the whole "LOL PLAYER CHARACTER MIGHT BE CRAZY" crap from 3, I feel Africa would be a great setting and allow some interesting story points.

Just as long as guard posts don't respawn every five minutes.
Posted 12:31pm 22/3/14
Totally agree^^ Plus now that they have got this emphasis on hunting how good would it be to be able to hunt the african big 5.... also restrict the amount of vehicle use so you have to get around on foot and risk being attacked by lyons or trampled by a stampede of wildebeest or something. wow so many possibilities...
Posted 12:52pm 22/3/14
That comment about the monsters worry me. As much as I enjoyed Far Cry, the game definately went downhill after the Trigens were introduced.
Posted 02:23pm 22/3/14
I loved FarCry 3. The gameplay and story were awesome. Excited to see this setting for Farcry 4. Cannot wait!
Posted 07:34pm 22/3/14
It was disappointing to me that FC3 had gone backwards in some areas of game tech. The propagating fire of FC2 was fantastic. FC3 just dropped it. WTF
Posted 07:36pm 22/3/14
That comment about the monsters worry me. As much as I enjoyed Far Cry, the game definately went downhill after the Trigens were introduced.

If they implement them like they did the Blood Dragons in FC3: Blood Dragon, I'd be perfectly happy. Battling them was probably the best part of the game.
Posted 07:48pm 23/3/14
True Swiss, but besides the few Blood Dragons you had to fight, the rest were completely optional, or were simply 'ambient' enemies. That works, but the Trigens became common place enemies late game, and that's what left the sour taste in my mouth.
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