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Post by Eorl @ 12:35pm 18/03/14 | 2 Comments
After being revealed last week that Ubisoft's open-world hacking title Watch Dogs would be receiving a re-classified R18+ rating, the developer and the Australian Classification Board have today issued statements explaining why the game was reclassified.

The Australian Classification Board tells CVG (GamePolitics) that the new R18+ rating was due to references to sexual violence. The following quote does contain spoilers, though for the non-spoiler folks the scene in question contained "female nudity and implied violence."
"Included in the game's storyline are instances of human trafficking which include female non-playing characters being sold at a human auction," the report says. It goes on to detail the scene, which features female nudity and implied violence.

"While the game does not contain actual sexual violence or implied sexual violence that is visually depicted, interactive, not justifed by context or related to incentives or rewards, the Board is of the opinion, having regard to the above, that the game contains post-action visuals related to sexual violence."
Ubisoft's response to the game's new rating was due to new content being introduced since its delay, and as per Australian Classification Board outlines the game had to be resubmitted. "The decision to amend the rating of the game from MA15+ to R18+ was made by the ACB," states Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs was originally classified MA15+ in September of 2013, though last week saw the reassessment with new R18+ rating and aggressive content warnings.

Watch Dogs is set for release on May 27th for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A Wii U version is to follow at a later date.

watch dogsubisoftr18 ratingaustralia classification board
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:43pm 18/3/14
I dont think any Aust gamer is surprised at the stupid s*** the classification board does in the great lengths it goes to "save" us poor innocent gamers from possible side boob etc. Im just happy we now have 18+ so we can get the game and not get some censored version or no version at all.

Side note on spoilers:
You know i once put in spoilers with a written warning before hand and was told i had to use spoiler tags. I recall certain folks getting very upset over it. When i said i had given about 3 warnings of spoilers ahead i was told in no uncertain terms that "watch out spoilers ahead" was not sufficient. Pretty sure admin even had the same message.

Hypocrisy is a hell of a thing
Posted 01:54pm 18/3/14
I was tempted to do a giant WARNING SPOILERS but hopefully bold is enough :) Though it doesn't necessarily spoil too much.
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