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Post by Eorl @ 12:42pm 14/03/14 | 1 Comments
SEGA has announced a new DLC Campaign Pack for Creative Assembly's historical strategy sequel Total War: Rome II. Titled 'Hannibal at the Gates', the DLC drops players into the Western Mediterranean at the outbreak of the 2nd Punic War.
Total War: ROME II’s second major Campaign DLC is incoming on March 27th! Dropping players into the Western Mediterranean at the outbreak of the 2nd Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates features a new campaign map focused on the tinderbox geopolitical situation that brought two ancient world superpowers to all-out war; with sworn rivals Scipio and Hannibal at the very heart of the conflict.

Five playable factions will feature a wealth of new units. Main protagonists Rome and Carthage will benefit from a new civil tech tree based around diplomacy, while the challenge in the shadow of these mighty empires for newcomers Syacuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani will be formidable.
Those interested can find pre-orders now open through SEGA's official store or through Steam. Expected release is March 27th for PC.

“ROME II was hugely ambitious for our studio,” said Mike Simpson, Creative Director at CA, “We do regret that some reviewers and core fans didn’t get everything they wanted from it. We are committed to improving and adding to the game over the coming months; we very much want ROME II to be remembered as one of our best.”

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Posted 12:57pm 14/3/14
Id agree with the studio that it was a mess at launch but after all the patches im happy with the gameplay.

Ceaser in Gaul was ok but a bit repetitive since to me the barbarian factions are not that interesting. Hopefully this will spice it up as Carthage is almost as interesting (history / units/ politics etc) as Rome is. Looking forward to getting it.
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