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Post by Eorl @ 03:19pm 13/03/14 | 3 Comments
With Battlefield 4's upcoming Naval Strike expansion will include dynamic weather patterns and a map that begins at dark and lasts throughout sunrise, according to a new in-depth Q&A on the official blog.

Each of Naval Strike's four maps will be focusing on what makes naval warfare and water-based vehicles fun in Battlefield 4, with each map having weather patterns like launch map Paracel Storm has.

"As for storms, instead of copying what has already been done in Paracel Storm, you can expect different visual styles and weather on all four Naval Strike maps," the post reads. "For instance, on the Mortar Strike map, you'll start fighting at dawn and the map will be lit up by the resort lights. As the fight rages on, the sunrise will drench the tropical island in beautiful sunlight."

For 'Levolution' fans, Naval Strike will be focusing on how the player can interact within the levels to create and block paths for vehicles, or make other strategic use of the environments. As an example, players will be able to close flood doors to stop vehicles from entering a submarine base, pushing them away from capturing the objective inside. Explosions are also still in the game, with promise of blowing up part of a crashed airplane to make cover for infantry.

The new hovercraft vehicle will also be splashing onto the scene, offering a very fast transport vehicle to travel seamlessly between water and land. Seating two players, the new traversal unit will also let you go through an island instead of around, using the power of hovering. Hopefully soon we will see hoverboards make a comeback.

Naval Strike is set for release in later this month for Battlefield premium members, and will also include the new Carrier Assault mode, a re-imagining of Battlefield 2142's Titan mode.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:52am 14/3/14
What ever happened to putting DLC on hold until they fixed the game? There's still so many bugs, with each patch some new ones come, other ones disappear often to reappear in later patches.

I actually think since the last patch there's more little bugs of things not working than ever before.

The infamous 'netcode' still isn't up to scratch. I have actually been playing some BF3 again lately, it's just so much better in that and even that was considered a bit substandard at the time.

DICE has taken a lot of s***, but they deserve more, the state of the game this far after release is still completely unacceptable.

BF4 can be fun, but it's full of so many bugs and the netcode is so bad that it's not a satisfying game.

How can it ever be if standard game play is shooting into a player not facing at you. Then you die and as you die and the kill cam comes up the player turns and starts shooting. That is if the kill cam works. It's been really buggy since the last patch. In HC there's no death card after the last patch so you just die. Their fix to the one shot kill bug seems to be making it display as a head shot to stop people complaining. So now apparently the majority of times you die is a head shot, even with guns that can't one kill with head shots. People have tested it and shown head shots coming up when the person shooting clearly didn't shoot them there.

They also added icons to display some issues on screen to help them figure out what's happening, packet loss ect. However this was a bust as clearly this has now proven it's not things like 'packet loss' causing most issues.

I found his interesting in the Q & A

'We know that there are many fans of Paracel Storm in our community, and with this expansion we wanted to give players who love that map more variations in the naval gameplay.'

That's amazing since this DLC was announced before the game came out.
Posted 09:10am 16/3/14
Yeah, there's so much spin around BF4 that I'm constantly dizzy while reading the news about it...

I havn't played since the last DLC came out. It crashes within minutes now...
Posted 01:42pm 16/3/14
There was a 800mb patch last week for it. Evilviking13 on youtube seemed to think that it improved things. The only real issue I get is when I am getting shot at, and I go prone but I die anyway. I imagine that is part "netcode" and part that I am playing it over the internet, not a LAN.
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