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Post by Dan @ 10:41am 13/03/14 | 4 Comments
Peter Molyneux's 22 Cans has launched its promised new beta update for the crowdfunded work-in-progress god game Godus on Steam Early Access, making the latest iterations available to its Kickstarter backers and newcomers alike.

Molyneux walks through most of the changes in a 14 minute video you can find below, but there's also an extensive changelog over on Steam that describes some of the fundamental interface changes that were made as a result of player feedback. Here's just a few:
Wonderful new interfacing with the world (LESS CLICKING!). Every interaction with the world has been rethought to be more fluid and less frustrating. You can now hold and drag easily to interact with trees, rocks and belief.

Improved Sculpting. Moving the land is much more accurate and more responsive. You’ll be able to move further and with more control. And rest assured, sculpting will continue to improve even more! No more repeated clicking - you just hold and drag in any direction, at any speed.

Introducing the Leash. We’ve waved goodbye to the clumsy totem power. Now you can hold on any number of Followers or occupants, then drag towards a destination in the world and release on it to send them there. It’s a big advance and feels lovely!
Watch the video below, and head over to Steam for the updated version.


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Latest Comments
Posted 02:01pm 13/3/14
I bought it on the cheap from a steam sale for $9, I tend to like these type of games (Civ, Banished,Prison Architect etc). Played it for a few hours and came out with an OK game I suppose,meh, sort of a feeling.

The things they mentioned they have addressed I had problems with, but it just didnt have the "suck me in for a bazzillion hours" type of feeling the other games I mentioned do. No way would I pay $20 for it unless version 2 is radically different (I'd check out youtube if you are even slightly interested).
Posted 11:19pm 13/3/14
lol I can't bring myself to reinstall..just can't
Posted 05:25am 15/3/14
come on, it's peter molyneaux. obviously its gonna be super hyped but very average. ive watched videos and it just looks retarded
Posted 06:37am 15/3/14
It's actually a lot better than the previous iteration. So they actually delivered something. It has some glaring issues still. Various bugs (beta though), sculpting still sucks.

I've gone from writing this game off to being cautiously optimistic about it.
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