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Post by Dan @ 09:16am 13/03/14 | 5 Comments
Seemingly confirming earlier speculation, reputable games publication Edge Online is reporting that Sony will indeed be revealing its long-rumoured virtual reality head-mounted display device during GDC 2014 in San Francisco next week.

Citing an anonymous third party developers as its source, Edge claims that several studios are already working with prototype hardware that eclipses the popular Oculus Rift dev kits:
A prototype is already in some thirdparty developers’ hands, who have told us that Sony’s VR headset is far superior to Oculus Rift’s first incarnation, though that is expected to even out a little with the arrival of Rift’s new, more advanced Crystal Cove devkit. They also said that there’s little software to speak of currently, but they expect to see something from one of Sony’s firstparty studios at GDC, even if it is just a tech demo.

There’s also no pressure on developers from platform holder Sony to adopt the tech; indeed, the studios we spoke to were excited by the technology, but questioned its viability as a platform. The cost of VR game development and its niche appeal means that many developers will wait and see how the Sony-authored experiences fare before committing to VR game development in earnest.
As previous speculation suggested, the reveal is expected to take place during Sony Computer Entertainment America's "Driving the Future of Innovation" presentation, which has been scheduled for Tuesday March 18th PST and will involve PlayStation Move and EyeToy creators Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov, as well as PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida.

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Posted 09:35am 13/3/14
Correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't the first time that Sony have ventured into this space.
(Actually I spotted a 'VR' headset in Japan for the PS3 in Feb last year...)

I can only hope (though HIGHLY doubt) that there's been some sort of discussion with the folks over at Occulus Rift in order to establish some sort of standardised API. (Unless this is waaay off base...)

Would seem a waste if the 'next big thing' in gaming was as fractured and segmented a market as other 'gaming accessories'.
Posted 09:40am 13/3/14
that headset they've been showing off for the last year or so is mainly for watching movies.
Posted 10:08am 13/3/14
Will be interesting to see what they can offer. Hopefully it isn't tied exclusively to the PlayStation 4 as I don't see that being able to output efficient 1080p VR without the game suffering massively. Also both with this and Oculus Rift, it will all be about pricing and whether your average joe is going to be able to afford it.
Posted 11:12am 13/3/14
The VR wars will come down to how well supported it is via developers of both software and hardware.
Posted 11:18am 13/3/14
The VR wars will come down to how well supported it is via developers of both software and hardware.

And or more probably porn.
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