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Online game publisher Trion Worlds - known for its most recent titles Rift and Defiance - has announced a new digital platform that will house a variety of PC games, all of which are being promised as DRM-free. The new gaming hub is called Glyph, and the company intends to offer "a curated collection of quality games, including Trion titles as well as games from hand-picked partners."

Trion has said that Glyph will be both player and developer friendly, with the goal of helping both parties connect better within the gaming atmosphere. On the note of DRM-free titles, Trion stated that all games sold through Glyph will be "delivered free from the Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilities that cause so many problems for gamers, while single player games will not require an always-on connection in order to be played."
"In the past three years, we've reached more than 10 million gamers, supported 25 million transactions, and more than 50 million downloads have happened across our network," said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. "This shows that we've got an audience of dedicated gamers along with the technology and tools to meet their appetites. We're interested in making it easier for our players to discover games and developers we want to support, while boosting visibility for those developers in the increasingly crowded world of PC digital gaming."
Trion hasn't revealed exactly who has signed up yet to their new gaming hub, but the publisher has stated that more news will be coming at next week's GDC event in San Francisco. A full slate of launch partners however is expected some time after the Game Developers Conference.

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Posted 12:23pm 12/3/14
Really curious to see what kind of DRM free games they will offer compared to GOG.
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