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Post by Dan @ 10:34am 11/03/14 | 13 Comments
Passing yet another decimal milestone, the crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen is now more than US$40 Million. The ambitious sci-fi MMO project from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts continues to eclipse other crowdfunding projects with contributions from over 405,000 eager players --an average of almost $100 per person, with some individuals laying down thousands of dollars for ethereal items in a game that's still being made.

Developer Roberts Space Industries had promised the addition of two more star systems for the game at the $40M stretch goal, and the next target has been set at $41M for a procedural generation R&D team:
Procedural Generation R&D Team – This stretch goal will allocate funding for Cloud Imperium to develop procedural generation technology for future iterations of Star Citizen. Advanced procedural generation will be necessary for creating entire planets worth of exploration and development content. A special strike team of procedural generation-oriented developers will be assembled to make this technology a reality.
At this point, there seems to be little doubt the project will reach beyond that target also. It seems the sky is no longer the limit in outer-space.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:56am 11/3/14
Awesome, more stretch goals to get excited about while I sit in a ship in my hanger looking at pretty things that do nothing.

I regret backing this title, delivery seems very very far away and I grow suspicious that once that delivery date actually comes it will be delayed further or half the content they promise won't be there.
Posted 11:04am 11/3/14

This will either amazing (and I'll buy it THEN) or the biggest white elephant in the history of crowd funding.
Posted 11:18am 11/3/14
I'm super sceptical about this title too. BUT ITS TOO BIG TO FAIL NOW AMIRITEGUISE?
Posted 11:29am 11/3/14
The more money this gets the more I fear it will end up being a giant puss filled flop of random features, or some kind of game design cancer.
Posted 11:52am 11/3/14
This will either amazing (and I'll buy it THEN)
Posted 01:50pm 11/3/14
Chris Roberts should just buy a GoPro and a trip to space on a Russian rocket and then send everyone the video. "YOU ARE ALL STAR CITIZENS NOW", he could proclaim.
Posted 01:52pm 11/3/14
I was confused at 30 mil, now Im really confused! Some of the stretch goals are a bit of a laugh, its like they couldnt think of anything so they come up with a lame idea and say "we will need a mil for that!", then people throw money at it?!?!?
Posted 03:18pm 11/3/14
rofl Trog.

I'm glad to see what I've typed into these news updates being echoed by a lot of users now.

There are a few guys in a gaming group I frequent who are still pouring hundreds into this.
Come to think of it, I'm not sure they've realised this is a game yet.

The release of the dogfighting module will be a big make or break for this as I see it.

Despite 'only' spending a 'measley' 65USD on this, I'm going to strap in (and lock away my wallet, which seems to be what is getting people 'into trouble'.) and see where this ride goes.
Posted 10:01pm 11/3/14
To people who don't bother to read the continuous clarification, it does not take a million each time to make the current stretch goal (or any of them) it gets spread around to all parts of the game which allows them to add new things in the stretch goal down the track. They have said this atleast 5 f*****g times plus many other times in interviews and wingmans hanger segments.

I for one am eagerly awaiting the dogfighting module (which is supposedly making it's proper debut at PAX in April) and I only ever spent cash on two things my starter kit aurora back in kickstarter stage and an upgraded hanger. People who spend hundreds are a bit silly but hey it's their money and it's funding a game I think will be amazing
Posted 11:57pm 11/3/14
What's the ETA on this being complete and available to play?
Posted 12:15am 12/3/14
Yeah, I'm going to wait till when/if it comes out, and buy it then. Right now it just seems crazy, $40 million just throw at this project sight unseen. I mean if you were an actual investor funding a game like this, you'd at least expect a prototype and a demonstration that they could actually deliver on their promises. It feels so crazy throwing $40 million at a project based purely on some promises and the good name of a guy who hasn't made games for 15 years.
Posted 12:27am 12/3/14
haven't looked lately.

though I do know of two people in the old clan who threw $15k each at the project.

While I understand that the older generation of gamers here in Aus have expendable income of that magnitude, I am wondering atm... whaaaaa?
Posted 12:30am 12/3/14
just saw Khel's name above my post - was thinking again about when he was asking for poeple to help him make a game.

Khel - you could have made any game you wanted if you've gone to China and used the workforce there.

I have no idea why you posed the idea here on Qgl however
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