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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:56pm 10/03/14 | 20 Comments
Even with a crying koala censoring out content not deemed appropriate for Australian audiences, despite an R18+ classification, South Park: The Stick of Truth is worth an investment. In fact, it's partly because of that koala the game should not be overlooked.

The koala was Matt and Trey's idea, and they deliver explanations whenever the upset critter is needed in the game. It speaks volumes of their involvement in the product, even down to the Aussie rating of it. This is best experienced while playing though, because you get the sense you're just playing a very long and fun episode of the show, written by its creators. The only real downside to any of this is if you're not a fan of South Park, and if you're not, it's you're loss really.

Click here for our South Park: The Stick of Truth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:56pm 10/3/14
Still haven't found anyone who has got an uncensored copy. Everyone I know got the local copy.
Posted 05:15pm 10/3/14
just buy it and torrent the uncensored version, is that illegal?
Posted 05:20pm 10/3/14
or Just buy the region free cd key and use a U.S vpn to activate it on steam.
Posted 05:46pm 10/3/14
Man as a huge SP fan, I wanted the best. I imported the Grand Wizard Edition for PC.
Steam key doesn't activate, cause it's an uncensored version.
Not going to use a VPN to activate it either, they have the right to ban you for doing that, and my account is worth 100x more than one game.

Hoping Steam/Ubisoft support can help.

I can't wait much longer D:
Posted 05:50pm 10/3/14
Not going to use a VPN to activate it either, they have the right to ban you for doing that...
But they won't. The only people they seem to target are those using cheap Russian keys.
Posted 06:25pm 10/3/14
You can already download an uncensor patch. They made it very easy to do.
Posted 06:54pm 10/3/14
Steam key doesn't activate, cause it's an uncensored version.
Not going to use a VPN to activate it either, they have the right to ban you for doing that, and my account is worth 100x more than one game.

i bought a UK uncensored cdkey and activated it with a VPN. no ban.
Posted 07:32pm 10/3/14
The way Steam handles their bans is different though... It could be weeks, sometimes months. Just not risking it at all. I have 550+ games, just not happening haha.
Pretty adamant i'll receive proper help.
Posted 07:49pm 10/3/14
it's extremely rare to get banned for a vpn. you would have to be really, really unlucky.

your only hope is ubisoft. steam wont even help the people whose gifted copies got region locked.

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Posted 07:49pm 10/3/14
I got the uncensored version gifted to me via the anal probing scenese are pretty lulzy but there is another scene where you get shrunk to a gnome size and have to fight the other gnomes on your parents bed - as they f***! hahah

this game is f*****g awesome as a south park fan. i love it!
Posted 09:55pm 10/3/14
I demand they make a sequel or another game just like it. Also I found that steam has blocked VPNs. Porbably not all of them but the ones I have used are blocked.
Posted 01:08am 11/3/14
brilliant game. loved it.
Posted 01:59am 11/3/14
I bought an uncensored key from as well and used FlyVPN to authenticate it, worked perfectly.
Posted 07:18am 11/3/14
Infi/Khel, do you need to use the VPN to play it too? As it's a russian key? I thought Valve were pretty anal about people getting russian keys cheap.
Posted 09:31am 11/3/14
a VPN was only needed for activation for me.
Posted 11:17am 11/3/14
Posted 12:06pm 11/3/14
Yeah, only needed VPN for activation for me too
Posted 01:54pm 11/3/14
One of the very few single player games I'm interested in because I find South Park hilarious. I'll wait til I'm back in the US (..and for it to be on sale, because.. why not)
Posted 10:48pm 19/3/14
finished the game the other night and it was hilariously awesome. matt and trey have said they're open to doing a sequel. a sequel with the kids as their superhero counterparts (the coon, mysterion) would be amazing.
Posted 08:59am 20/3/14
Still looking forward to playing this when I can hold a controller again. Tried to play Arkham City the other day and it was just too difficult :/
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