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Post by Dan @ 11:13am 10/03/14 | 20 Comments
Although there hasn't been any new official announcements, it's looking more and more like we might be getting local Australian servers for the hotly anticipated Titanfall sooner than expected. Responding to a fan question pertaining Australian servers via Twitter, Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella simply noted "we'll have good news soon for aussies".

This latest hint follows news that Titanfall's South African launch plans had been cancelled due to unsatisfactory connection quality for players in that country. Cancellation messages were reportedly sent by publisher EA to Titanfall's South African pre-order customers, informing them that "the performance rates in South Africa are not as high as needed to guarantee a great experience".

As a multiplayer-only title, every game of Titanfall is played on online servers, and the game's server architecture has been designed to leverage Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. Because of this, severs during the game's beta test were only available in locations where Microsoft's Azure data centres were located.

This meant Singapore and Hong Kong servers were the closest for Australian players, and left poor South African even further away from the party with their closest options being half a world away in The UK and Netherlands.

That there has been no word of cancellation of the game's Australian launch, combined with the tease of good news suggests that Australians might be getting some special treatment. Whether this means local servers will be available in time for launch or not is still unclear, and it does seem strange that Respawn, EA or Microsoft have waited this close to launch to make these plans known. We'll let you know more as soon as we do.

Titanfall is due in Australia this Thursday, March 13th, about a day after the March 11th North American launch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:23am 10/3/14
MS has had a plan to implement domestic Azure services in AU for a while now with servers being installed in late 2013.

It may just be that this is getting closer, and EA is getting in early.
Posted 11:52am 10/3/14
This'd be a pretty good beta test/burn in for the .au Azure region
Posted 01:42pm 10/3/14
I think the response will be "we'll purchase it soon"
Posted 07:34pm 10/3/14
If there are Australian servers I will buy on release. If not i will buy when they are added or not at all. It's that simple.
Posted 08:23pm 10/3/14
Azure DC in Melbourne and SYD are supposed to be online around May - November I believe. Last I heard it was closer towards May than November.
Posted 08:40pm 10/3/14
Yup this game looks good and plays well from what I hear. Without local servers it is a no-sale from me. With local server, then we are talking.
Posted 12:42am 11/3/14
Yeah, won't be playing unless Aussie servers come out very soon after launch.

If that ends up being the news, then I might revise my decision.
Posted 03:48pm 12/3/14
I'm buying it tonight but more then likely will be on Asia servers to start off with but I'll let you know if there is a Aussie server available at launch but I doubt it unless they are renting Telstra servers.
Posted 07:29pm 12/3/14
i vpn'd it, east asia servers only, i was being 'match maked' with russians, chinese, japanese...yay
Posted 07:49pm 12/3/14
-plays game before even being available in country
-complains that there's nobody in country playing.
Posted 11:38pm 12/3/14
I couldn't have memed that better myself.
Posted 07:34am 13/3/14
I'm in the middle of bumfk no where FNQ and i'm at 225 ping to the Japan Data centre... still runs really well, way better than BF4... smooth as, and having a blast with it... it does feel like COD with mechs though, but a lot more fun imo
Posted 09:13am 13/3/14
With people saying it runs smooth and feels OK at 150-250ping, does that mean the game has lots of spam involved?

I would think precision shots that do large damage would be frustrating with a high ping, since people don't complain about this I do wonder if low damage continual firing spam is the main application?
Posted 09:42am 13/3/14
I was playing with 180'ish ping to the Japanese servers and while the game does feel smooth, there's no rubber banding or anything, the lag is an issue. Just watch the death cam a few times and see what actually happened VS what happened on your screen, it's pretty shocking.

IMO, I think they should have delayed the release until a local server was available.
Posted 09:48am 13/3/14
With people saying it runs smooth and feels OK at 150-250ping, does that mean the game has lots of spam involved?

I would think precision shots that do large damage would be frustrating with a high ping, since people don't complain about this I do wonder if low damage continual firing spam is the main application?

mostly. the game is much more about high speed, mobility and flanking than pin point shooting. That's how it kind of works with the higher ping. I mainly just use the shotgun so I don't really notice it at all.

and played at midnight last night from Melbourne and got 100 ping. I was getting 170 ping during beta. Good fun though, glad to have a jump in and mindless shoot game again.
Posted 10:49am 13/3/14
I was pulling 160ms pings to the Japan servers last night, was smooth, managed to get plenty of pilot and titan kills. Friend at work here on the NBN was getting 180ms to US and China servers, was the best he could get due to the AAPT backhaul. Local server will certainly help the game but overall very enjoyable.

Managed to grind through to lvl 15 in 1.5hrs of play. Only played domination last night and I've found myself not getting in the titan very often, just letting it cause havoc and defend points on its own.
Posted 11:07am 13/3/14
"Good news".. How do you know it's not a "Free booster pack" handout?

This grab at any justification that there is no difference between 20ms and 180ms is really disturbing to watch, and probably inconvenient for most as they realise what's going on behind the scenes. Maybe this will finally be the game to teach everyone about extrapolation.

Are people getting shot around corners? Getting shot before you see your enemy? Realising you were out in the open for a lot longer than you thought when watching kill cams? I ain't paying for that experience, been there done that.

Instead of being told I'm going to get spoon fed good news, I'll stick with the idea of being told something, then realising myself that it is good news.
Posted 11:09am 13/3/14
So angry ph33x, you need to get laid a little more broseph.

Agree with the sentiment tho.
Posted 11:14am 13/3/14
I'll be sure to tell the mrs.

Less anger, more defiance. I wasn't that excited about Titanfall even prior to the Aussie server debacle, so now I'm just ragging on it while I can. :)

The underlying fact though is I want better for us. Gaming is my hobby/lifestyle and the industry is going down hill in terms of quality. (I also work in Quality Assurance, so that probably doesn't help either)
Posted 12:42pm 13/3/14
Ping is such an old and complex issue. But after all these decades of argument, I simply don't believe the ping figures being quoted. I don't remember the last game that quoted real ping, but I think I played it about 10 years ago. And about that time server admins everywhere blocked the real ping ports as SOP. I think pings to Japan would actually be much much higher. The kill cams give a somewhat more honest impression. But I do not want to go back to playing like I am on 56K modem and everyone plays on cable. I will wait for MSoft to get their act together (LOLOLOLOL).

But really, what a terrible sad pity.

Stay ANGRY !! (with a goodly dose of defiance)
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