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Post by Dan @ 12:12pm 07/03/14 | 7 Comments
Basketball personality Shaquille O'Neal has teamed up with indie studio Big Deez Productions with the hops of resurrecting Shaq-Fu, the eccentric basketball-themed beat 'em up game from the 90s that starred the seven foot Center as an over the top vigilante action hero.

The partnership has taken to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with a view to raising US$450,000 to seed development. Pre-empting criticism, the project outline explains that asking players for funding rather than multi-millionaire O'Neal funding it himself is more about assessing interest. The introduction also acknowledges how bad the original game was, and expresses a desire to make a genuinely "slick, fun, rock-solid game" out of the same concept.
Most celebrity games take a well known face and build a crappy game around it, knowing it will sell. We want to build a game that would kick ass even without Shaq. As the main character, however, Shaq, really wants to be a part of this and we love that he’s onboard. He's going to have a huge involvement in this and he is not about to let the same mistake happen twice, and neither are we.


Shaq Fu is what the original game should have been – an instant classic. We're talking Streets of Rage meets Street Fighter meets Devil May Cry. It’s a modern day take on the classic beat ‘em up. Play as Shaquille O’Neal – learn hundreds of moves and battle techniques, take on thousands of enemies with dozens of cool melee weapons, battle bosses in dynamic arenas, master cool finishing moves and play with your buddies in COOP mode or against each other in player vs player combat.
Backer rewards for contributing to the project's funding include a variety of meet and greet opportunities with Shaq. Have him record a voicemail message or friend you on Instagram is that's your thing.

The base project is planned as a digital download PC game, with stretch goals right up to US$1.62 million promising an assortment of additional platforms from iOS and Android, though to Xbox One and PS4.

Watch the pitch video and concept trailer below, and head over to Indiegogo for the full sell.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:03pm 07/3/14

shouldn't he be able to fund $1.62m himself?
Posted 01:20pm 07/3/14
He is the best center ever to play the game. Of course he's got money, and yes he will be investing a lot of his own time and money in this project. We will be investing considerably more of our own money in the game than we are asking for.

That's their answer to that question. Not really sure what to think of it.
Posted 02:00pm 07/3/14
It seems crowd funding started off as this really good idea. Almost noble. Sourcing good intentions and funds from the roots up supporting the little guy with the big idea in getting stuff done because its what people want and they are willing to pay.

But more and more these days its just all turned to some kind of extended corporate greed to suck more money from consumers as a cash grab.

Things where crowd sourced because there were no other options if you wanted to see a project become reality and it was a great idea and it was worthy of real support. Now its just fat cats and savy marketing departments stroking their double chins thinking "ima crowd fund it for lol and why not? Any extra cash is a bonus right?" kind of mentality.

I guess it is inevitable that any good market idea will be colonized by arsehats looking for a quick buck but with no intention to honor the integrity of why a system or thing exists.
Posted 08:56pm 08/3/14
Shaq wants to see if there is interest in the game.

Traditionally that would involve market research.

Today -" I want to see how much money you will give us before we decide to make the game."
Posted 09:52pm 08/3/14
I remember seeing the original on the snes back in the day and avoided it, still to this day never played it but this new one looks like it should be a street fighter IV dlc. Was the snes game any good?
Posted 11:41pm 08/3/14
Maybe Gung-ho. But it used to be a game was made because someone somewhere actualyl really wanted to make it. And not because they really wanted to make a s*** ton of cash ;p

IT used to be someone wanted to see that game made because they thought it was a great idea - it was their passion to do it and if it worked out great but if not well at least the person actualized their dreams to make a s*** game.

Now its all marketing departments and future trending and market reports and just walls of paper work between a game and the audience. F*****g focus groups i bet. Why? Because games are this huge billion dollar industry with huge sums riding on the kids buying the latest CoD clone.

What does this mean? Unique interesting out on a limb type ideas look like a bad bet. And then we get crowd sourcing! Well we are f*****g that up nice and good too.

Well its not my money on the line so i cant complain too much right?
Posted 10:22am 09/3/14
Well its not my money on the line so i cant complain too much right?

Well you've put 9 paragraphs into complaining so far.

shouldn't he be able to fund $1.62m himself?

I thought rich people lived their lives spending everyone elses money.
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