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Post by Dan @ 01:11pm 06/03/14 | 9 Comments
Microsoft has whipped up a teaser site for DirectX 12, indicating that the next iteration of its longstanding 3d graphics api will be unveiled at the 2014 Game Developers conference, during a presentation scheduled for 10:00am PST on March 20 (via The Verge):
More details will be outlined on stage at GDC 2014 in a sponsored session called "DirectX: Evolving Microsoft's Graphics Platform," presented by Microsoft's Anuj Gosalia. The preliminary notes for the session say that developers asked Microsoft for better tools to "squeeze every last drop of performance out of [their] PC, tablet, phone and console." Attendees are invited to "come learn our plans to deliver." Another session, helmed by Windows Graphic development lead Max McMullen, will center on "Direct3D Futures."
Little else is know about what Microsoft has planned for DirectX 12. The Verge notes that the teaser page displays the logos of chipset manufacturers AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm, indicating wide support from the industry's most prominent players.

The Verge speculates that Microsoft is likely gearing up to package DX12 in with the next major iteration of the Windows operation system, which is being referred to as Windows 9, and supposedly coming in 2015.

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Posted 04:29pm 06/3/14
LOL the last paragraph pretty much sums up what I thought when I first read the title, have to get Windows 9. Well going to Windows 9 will be an easier choice for me than 7 to 8 was, 8 has caused me more hassles than 7 ever did.
Posted 04:43pm 06/3/14
interesting after installing 8.1 i love it i dont like 7 it feels so slow
Posted 05:08pm 06/3/14
Have they fixed the mouse issues in games in 8.1 yet? I keep telling Windows not to upgrade whenever it prompts me since I read about that
Posted 06:30pm 06/3/14
It better be good now that Steam OS is coming. OpenGL is still a good competitor to DirectX.
Posted 06:53pm 06/3/14
I wish they would move back to opengl, direct x is s*** for anything except... well, nothing. it's s***.
Posted 07:11pm 06/3/14
DirectX 11 took forever to catch on, he'll Dx9 is still crackin. Hopefully Dx12 has a lot more to offer.

I'm hoping once steambox's start landing that OpenGL gets more love.
Posted 08:09pm 06/3/14
DirectX 11 took forever to catch on, he'll Dx9 is still crackin.

That's largely because the consoles didn't have the hardware to support it and the PC dx11 features were gimicks tacked on after the fact. Now that they do have the hardware expect a shift over the next few years, especially when they drop x360/ps3 entirely. ATM publishers are still developing primarily for the x360/ps3 as it has the largest market share - there are exceptions of course and it's quite obvious when development is primarily focused on ps4/xbone (witcher 3 for example).
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 08:21pm 06/3/14
It feels as if time has come unfrozen and I'd never noticed that it had become stuck. There hasn't been a new major DirectX revision in ages.
Posted 03:27pm 07/3/14
There hasn't been a new major DirectX revision in ages.

I'd wait for DX12 to land before stating that. DX10 had 'significant' changes, and DX11 was more about 'tapping into' the hardware of that era.
DX9 was about for an age...

I do wonder what ATi will do with Mantle... and thinking about it now, ATi (despite owning all the development in console space atm) seem really well set up to tap into the 'nix world (with the likes of SteamOS primarily).

I think that is the real story here... (although I'm pretty keen to see the graphics hardware refresh, it's been pretty stale for a while now).
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