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Post by Dan @ 12:11pm 06/03/14 | 7 Comments
As it had promised after picking up the acclaimed Homeworld franchise during publisher THQ's bankruptcy proceedings, Gearbox Software has detailed its plans to re-release the original sci-fi strategy games, revealing Homeworld: Remastered Collection:
Previously, we'd been referring to this effort as Homeworld HD but as work progressed it became clear that title didn't properly communicate the scope of the work. This is more than a simple re-release or up-res -- given the input we've received from fans, mod makers and series veterans, the result is full-fledged remastering of nearly all aspects alongside the archival Classic versions.
A new official website describes more of the planned improvements and additional features, and invites fan feedback on the potential contents of a physical collector's edition:
The two proposed versions of the Collector's Edition each contain a different Mothership replica, and we want to know which one you prefer. Both versions would also contain other memorabilia such as an art book, game manual, key chain, and game codes. Items included are not finalized and may change. These will be a small run of very limited editions, and the price point is different for each version due to the crafting time and materials used.
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Posted 12:26pm 06/3/14
... am I alone in thinking that the 're-release/remaster' of this game should have as little to do with 'trinkets' included in a physical collectors edition as possible?

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be able to purchase 'Mothership' models, but frankly, why should that be limited to the physical copy of a game?

(Who in their right mind wants a physical copy of Homeworld!? (That's gotta be the bulk of the reason I want this re-release, because it's not available 'digital only'...)

*fingers crossed* please please PLEASE don't screw this up Gearbox. At one point you guys had a great reputation for 'getting the unfinishable, finished'. Please focus less on the physical goodies to come with purchases of this product, and give us some sort of insight of what we can expect from you in supporting your product post-release!

(Hell, I'd even settle for a brief retelling of the how's and why's you can't secure the stand-alone expansion (Cataclysm) in the interrim... there just isn't enough media available about this.)

p.s. Thanks for this update Dan, I was looking for news on HW last week, so this is very timely.
Is there any mention of when GB might make this available as yet?
Posted 05:20pm 06/3/14
I didn't know this was coming but I am definitely interested to see what they have done with it. Although I love it I never did manage to finish the original and the second one is still shrink-wrapped.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 05:35pm 06/3/14
As somebody who never played more than the demo of Homeworld 1, but remember it being absolutely fantastic, this is just perfect. It's why I haven't played planescape after one attempt where the save game bugged out, figured eventually all loved games would get a re-release down the track...

Of course that could turn out to a Thief 4 type re-release, which is a depressing thought.
Posted 06:09pm 06/3/14
i've been keeping an eye on this.

Posted 08:09am 07/3/14
wow i didn't know anything about this. I highly doubt that it will be greatly remastered.
Posted 09:10am 07/3/14
I get wet anytime someone mentions Homeworld, can't wait for this and Homeworld: Shipbreakers
Posted 03:30pm 07/3/14
wow i didn't know anything about this. I highly doubt that it will be greatly remastered.

There's a significant amount of work going into touching up the sound apparently.
The music will be 'more dynamic' (think, similar to the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games, where the music changes tempo/pace when getting attacked etc).
And all of the spoken in-game audio is being touched up/redone. (I remember the unit responses sounding like poo back in the day too, but I chalked that up to 'artistic licence' given they're all in space etc)

... can't wait for this and Homeworld: Shipbreakers

Amen to that.
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