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Chilean developer Ace Team, who previously worked on the Zeno Clash series, has announced that the studio is now working on a brand new franchise titled Abyss Odyssey, and will be available later this year for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Portrayed as a procedurally generated action adventure, Abyss Odyssey takes its pedigree from fighting games. In the game, three warriors are available to challenge the titular abyss: the bold Katrien, the tortured specter Ghost Monk, and the ethereal Pincoya. But no matter how powerful these warriors get, their descent is a circular trip, with the devs claiming that Abyss Odyssey is "infinitely replayable."
The side-scrolling levels never play out the same way twice - be it the monsters they are filled with, the locations of life-saving merchants, or the pathways between levels. There are only two constants in Abyss Odyssey: a great evil awaits at the bottom of the pit, and succeed or die, the warriors will have to battle the abyss for eternity. But the enemies in the abyss are no mere fodder - each one has a complex set of moves. They also have a weakness: almost every enemy can be possessed and controlled by the player...
With combat being a main focus on the new title, the studio implemented a number of borrowed mechanics from the fighting genre, including dodge-cancels and other technically demanding techniques that will unlock the warriors' true powers in combat. Players will also be able to possess almost any enemy in the game to use its skills and combat abilities, with each foe as technically complex as the main warriors.

Developed by ACE Team and published by ATLUS, Abyss Odyssey will be available in Winter 2014 as a downloadable arcade title for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Check out the reveal trailer below which offers a sneak peak at some alpha build footage alongside developer impressions.

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