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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:13pm 04/03/14 | 4 Comments
The first expansion for Diablo III -- Reaper of Souls, is nearly upon us, and while we've been covering the game since its announcement, including highlighting much of what's on offer as part of a closed beta gameplay diary series, we were also given a chance to chat with two key people who're busting their asses to get the expansion to you -- lead level designer Kevin Martens, and senior level designer Larra Paolilli.

In this final piece of top-level access we'll likely get before the game drops proper, both devs talk about the expanded randomness of the game, loot, the Crusader class, accessibility, Adventure Mode, Nephalem Rifts and much more.

Click here for our full Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls interview feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:20pm 04/3/14
My fiends and I have been on D3 every night running together since the patch dropped and we are all damn excited for ROS. CE retail edition preordered and launch sesh organised. Bring it!
Posted 12:33am 16/3/14
I believe all the big boys are now playing POE.
Posted 12:39am 16/3/14
I believe all the big boys are now playing POE.

Posted 01:39am 16/3/14
PoE is good, but the changes to D3 make it a much better experience at end game.
Having said that, I haven't gone back and checked out the new content just release for PoE so..
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