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Post by Dan @ 11:38am 04/03/14 | 9 Comments
DICE has posted a new Battlefield Blog update, expressing their continued commitment to smoothing out Battlefield 4's remaining "netcode" issues. The post goes into great detail identifying and explaining what the developer perceives to be some of the outstanding problems pertaining to hit and damage registration, rubber banding and server tickrate, and notes that a couple of new network status icons have been added to the in game HUD to indicate to players when they are experiencing high latency or packetloss.
We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you’re hit, and the way other players’ actions are shown on your screen.

The game receives updates from the game server and displays these to the player using a system called latency compensation – this system makes sure players move around naturally on your screen when network updates arrive. We have found and fixed several issues with latency compensation, and thereby decreased the impressions of “one hit kills” in the game.

We have also fixed several issues that could lead to rubber banding, and we are working on fixing several more.
The blog post then goes on to outline several other fixes that were patched into the PC version of the game during February, and are due to roll out on consoles soon, including corrections to hit impact sounds, environment object collisions, disappearing crosshairs and the headshot icon.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:46pm 04/3/14
Cant say Im liking the revamped maps that much but that could be the server/client crashes and lag thats causing that, which seems to have escalated since the new maps came online.
Posted 06:18pm 04/3/14
Their last patch was actually well done, performance wise. I've never had it play so smoothly, on any Battlefield.

This patch gave me a glimpse of hope that this next patch will actually do what it's touted to do. It's the make or break patch for whether I buy any future copies of Battlefield.
Posted 06:32pm 04/3/14
DICE lost me at "player appreciation month has begun". My. F*****g. Ass.

Ever since it started the game has been unplayable with servers going down frequently and lagging to s***. My last encounter with Battlefield was Bad Company 2 and it was plagued with issues on launch but once they were fixed it was pretty fun but BF4 gets worse and worse with every damn patch they release, I'm not the only one who thinks so either.

I've played the game maybe 5 times for a total of a couple of hours at most over the last month and a half, it's been that s***. My 2nd Battlefield title, and my last.
Posted 06:50pm 04/3/14
pfft DICE lost me at EA
Posted 07:22pm 04/3/14
My experience has not been too bad of late. Server goes down every now and then, get killed when I have already hit the dirt but aside from that, its running alright. People should not expect CS 1.6 type of smoothness in this game. I think I have gone past 100 hours played now too, trying to get that damned GOL Magnum.

@Whoop. It sounds like BF4 does not like your system. You done all the usual things like disabling antivirus and updating drivers and such? What video card you got?
Posted 08:03pm 04/3/14
I decided to not commit to this game until after a few patches at least - until the worst of problems are smoothed out.

Guess I'll wait a bit longer. Playing with 100+ ping is bad enough without bad netcode making things worse... all games should just go back to the quake 3 engine with its anti-lag - even with 800+ ping (56k on US servers) if you put your crosshair on a target and push your fire button, you get hits, every bloody time!

Still, all the cool kids are playing BF4 so I can't miss out... plus it's the only MP fps worth playing... planetside 2 is pretty good but always feels like a lot of effort and every 3 seconds someone cries about a hacker or calls me a hacker... so tiring..
Posted 08:23pm 04/3/14

People should not expect CS 1.6 type of smoothness in this game.

Why the hell not? It's a AAA game, published by the biggest publisher in world. How can people not expect it to run smoother than a mod?
Posted 10:12pm 04/3/14

Why the hell not? It's a AAA game, published by the biggest publisher in world. How can people not expect it to run smoother than a mod?

I am conflicted. I kinda want to say that "Im sure DICE is doing all it can and I imagine that it must be hard and complex work getting it to function properly".

I also want to say "It should have been a lot more playable from the start and there should be a lot less issues".

You do have a point, Toll. We paid money and we should get a good level of service for that money.
Posted 10:37pm 04/3/14
I'm lovin it.
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