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Post by Eorl @ 11:06am 01/03/14 | 6 Comments
Valve has today announced that their much anticipated Steam Family Library Sharing feature is now available to all users. Previously the feature was available to a select pool of beta testers when it was revealed late last year.

The sharing feature allows friends to share their overabundance of video games by initially logging into each users computer with their accounts. Once verified, players can select any game from their shared library and play it, complete with separate Achievements and individual saves to Steam Cloud. Simultaneous play on both accounts is possible, however playing the same game is not and users will be prompted with a five minute warning.

The service has a few understandable limitations, most notably that it won't support every game on Steam, and "any region restrictions will remain in place when lending or borrowing content." Find out more through the official page.

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Posted 12:39pm 01/3/14
Is this how long we will need to wait for streaming to go public?
Posted 12:55pm 01/3/14
Simultaneous play on both accounts is possible

Where does it say that? All I see is:

"Q: Can I share specific games, or do I have to share my whole library?
A: Libraries are shared and borrowed in their entirety. "

... followed by:

"Q: Can two users share a library and both play at the same time?
A: No, a shared library may only be accessed by one user at a time. "

However, the follow confuses things further:

Q: When I authorize a device to lend my library to others, do I limit my own ability to access and play my games?
A: As the account holder, you may always access and play your games at any time. If you decide to start playing when another user is already playing one of your games, he/she will be given a few minutes to either purchase the game or quit playing.

EDIT: nevermind, it appears that the moment the account holder tried to play any game in the library, any other users of the library (even if it's a different game) will be kicked off.
Posted 03:27pm 01/3/14
See that's the weird thing, I've tested it multiple times in the past with my girlfriend's computer, she was able to play BioShock Infinite while I played DayZ or something else without issue. It only kicked her off when I tried to play the same game.

I also found out that you can play anyone's game indefinitely if you go offline once connected to their library/playing the game.
Posted 01:22am 02/3/14
my heart goes out to my brothers in Canberra today

make your own new union
Posted 11:09am 02/3/14
You can see why they made sure region blocking was implemented. You could work out 2 other people with different gaming times to you, and share a f*** off collection.
Posted 12:49pm 02/3/14
You can see why they made sure region blocking was implemented. You could work out 2 other people with different gaming times to you, and share a f*** off collection.

There's no region blocking. It's about game-specific region restrictions.

i.e. I think they're saying if you borrow a library from an account holder in the U.S., your borrowed version of L4D2 won't suddenly become uncensored because theirs is. If you're in Germany and trying to borrow Wolf3D which is normally banned in your region, you'll be blocked.
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