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Post by Eorl @ 11:41am 22/02/14 | 5 Comments
After few months of waiting, it looks like the second episode in the second season of Telltale Games' episodic series, The Walking Dead, is nearly around the corner. As of yet there is no solid release date, but Telltale announced on its official Twitter account that episode two, A House Divided, will arrive in early March.

Telltale are known for their slow release periods, with their other episodic series, The Wolf Among Us, only just getting its second episode after four months of waiting. While we don't have a set date for The Walking Dead's season 2 episode 2, it is at least looking on track for a quicker release.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead picks up after the somewhat heart wrenching Season 1, with players taking control of 11-year old Clementine as she battles the apocalypse by herself. If you happen to of forgotten what exactly the first episode was about (and we don't blame you), check out our review for what we thought of it.

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Posted 01:58pm 22/2/14
I thought The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 was really well put together cant wait to play the next installment to see how tortured they can make poor clementine
Posted 07:24pm 26/2/14
It says on The Classification Board page that it's been censored (Version: MODIFIED)

Can anyone confirm this? And if so, then how exactly has it been censored?

If true, it's kind of crappy seeing as most Australians have already bought it under the impression that they would be getting the same version as the rest of the world.
Posted 07:27pm 26/2/14
that can suck my d*** if true.
Posted 09:46am 27/2/14
The game has not been censored as mentioned on the Telltale forums

Hey guys! Don't worry, the episode hasn't been censored or changed in any way for Australia. Not totally sure, but I think the reason it says "modified" may be because Episode 2 is considered a kind of DLC and it potentially modifies the rating for the season as a whole... I don't know really. But rest assured that Australia is getting the exact same version as the U.S. :)
Posted 10:33am 27/2/14
Good stuff, thanks Zapo
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