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With less than two months to go until Zenimax Online's The Elder Scrolls Online MMO opens its gates to the world, the developer has a new video giving us a brief overview of just how crafting works in the lands of Tamriel.

As any MMO veteran can tell you, crafting is a key requirement in the MMO recipe, and a good crafting system will do wonders in keeping players interested and the economy floating. It seems like Zenimax's version is aiming to do just that, by ensuring players are able to customise their character to how they want, and at the same time offer an enjoyable time sink while you travel across Tamriel.
There are tons of opportunities for crafters to flourish in ESO. You can learn to create helpful food and drink items with provisioning, fashion enchantments for gear, brew potions using alchemy, and forge and improve weapons and armor of all sorts with smithing, our most involved skill. There's so much to crafting that one video won't contain it all, so we want to show you how being a blacksmith (who can create metal armor and weapons, just one of the three smithing skills) will augment your journeys, from exploration and gathering materials all the way to producing a special piece of armor.
One of the key differences between other MMO crafting styles is that in The Elder Scrolls Online players can (at first) only craft their racial items. Scattered around the world are tomes of knowledge, yearning to be read that will teach players how to craft other racial gear, and once known you'll be able to craft the entire racial line.

Of course, it isn't just normal sets of armour and weapons that you can craft, with Tamriel boasting a whole collection of rare and unique crafting tables hidden away for adventurers to discover. These crafting tables can be used to make special sets of armour or weapons, boasting unique bonuses that just may make or break you in combat.

For more on the crafting side of The Elder Scrolls Online, check out the video below. The Elder Scrolls Online will be available on PC come April 4th, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming sometime in June.

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