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Post by Dan @ 03:51pm 20/02/14 | 40 Comments
As a footnote of this morning's Wolfenstein release date announcement, Bethesda quietly confirmed that the new Doom game that has long been in the works at id Software is still actually a thing, and that Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-order customers would score access to an upcoming Doom beta test. Further, the announcement seems to indicate that it's no longer being referred to as Doom 4, rather just simply DOOM -- in all caps like it's 1993 namesake.

Doom 4 was originally announced all the way back in August 2008, a year after developer id Software had announced RAGE, but while RAGE hit shelves in October 2011, very little has been heard, and nothing has been seen of Doom since.

In April last year the rumour mill indicated that the Doom project had been completely scrapped and restarted in 2011 and the years since have seen the departure of several key id Software developers including former CEO Todd Hollenshead and co-founder John Carmack, leaving designer Tim Willits and artist Kevin Cloud as the only remaining staffers from the Doom era.

We still know next to nothing about the new Doom game, but that a public beta test is being planned seems to at least suggest a heavier multiplayer focus than RAGE, as publishers don't host this type of beta for a single-player component. As the original Doom was effectively the game that birthed the entire multiplayer arena shooter genre, it's heartening to think that after the forgettable multiplayer offerings of Doom 3 and Quake 4, id might be trying to restore the franchises' relevance there once again.

Will it be a reboot, will it have a traditional solo campaign and independent multiplayer mode? Dedicated servers? Who the hell knows. But with very little of it's original DNA left, the once-worshiped Texan studio will undoubtedly have to prove its worth to the core gaming community all over again.

For more details on Doom Beta access via Wolfenstein: New Order Pre-order, swing by this official FAQ.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is due on May 22, 2014 in Australia on PC PS3, PS4, X360 and Xbox One, but the only word on DOOM is that the beta will run at "a later date".

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:55pm 20/2/14
This better f*****g melt my PC! Bring it.
Posted 04:05pm 20/2/14
i reckon they just went with this naming convention to annoy all the pendants in the gamer world... & i approve of that. it will still get called doom 4 though ;p

lookin' forward to it! despite doom3 & quake4 having pretty terrible multiplayer ... i still enjoyed the single player of both those games. roe for doom3 was good too. quake4 had some s***** bosses but the ai made for some good battles.
Posted 04:46pm 20/2/14
god i loved Doom 3, favourite game of all time. What was it, released 2001 or 2002? What other games from that era looked that good? Half life 2 maybe, in a different way.
Posted 04:49pm 20/2/14
Hmm, wikipedia says 2004. But still, lots of games still used the Quake 3 engine, and then there was BF2. Doom 3 killed everything visually, the "beta" made my PC at the time overheat, instant shutdown.
Posted 04:52pm 20/2/14
it came out in 2004, a few months before hl2.
Posted 05:15pm 20/2/14
god i loved Doom 3, favourite game of all time. What was it, released 2001 or 2002? What other games from that era looked that good? Half life 2 maybe, in a different way.

you would have to be the first person I have ever heard say that.

Posted 05:37pm 20/2/14
what, fav of all time? :D i love a good aliens/demons on mars epic what can i say. I dont finish many games. TBH, i didnt even finish doom 3 (didnt get past alpha labs) until they released BFG edition. Which i then promptly finished doom 3, ROE, and the Lost Marine.
one point twenty one
Posted 07:09pm 20/2/14
Doom 3 sucked for it's stupid scripted triggers for spawning monsters. It got to the point where it was obvious... when I walk past that spot that is clearly there to hide a monster, a monster will jump up. Yes, there it is. *yawn*

Gameplay over eye-candy, I reckon. Doom 3 failed on that score.
Posted 07:31pm 20/2/14
Yeah D3 gameplay totally missed what was so great about the original. I actually find playing the original doom with mods way more fun than D3.

The new Doom hopefully won't have the following fails:

I can't see s****

2. stupid torch switching mechanic

3. Tinny whimpy sounding weapons

4. S***** Multiplayer

5. Repetative trigger spawns

Posted 07:51pm 20/2/14
Yeha, the Multi in D3 was sheeeeeiiiittt.

I honestly would love it if they remade Doom 1/2. The same models, the same oldschool enemies, the same maps even. Just up the graphics, sounds, 32player MP, modding, etc.

(Sure, D3 has lots of remade original models, but everything was really greyscale and it didn't feel like Doom at all, even if you could say "Look, a cacodemon!")
Posted 07:57pm 20/2/14
i guess we'll agree to disagree, i loved doom 3. one of the best game experiences of my life.
Posted 07:58pm 20/2/14
Doom 1/2 was about killing hoards of daemons hoards!. With the occasional bit of spook before unleashing more hoards.

It was about plasma rifles, chain guns and chainsaws with a bit of extra slaughtering BGG's.

Tt was about IDKFA'ing and going on a merry kill fest.

It was about the multiplayer.

The multiplayer was about the telefragging.

Seriously, all the good things in Doom 1/2 seemed to have been taken out of Doom 3 except for maybe the daemons.
Posted 08:33pm 20/2/14
I loved the atmosphere Doom3 had. Remember playing with headphones on and jumping all the time. Only finished a handful of single player games since.

Posted 09:32pm 20/2/14
Toll knows where it's at.
Although you missed the 'Epic chiptune soundtrack' bit.

I am LOVING 'Brutal Doom' atm. Such a well rounded mod to a classic game.
Posted 09:57pm 20/2/14
^ Yeah don't forget that bgm. Mostly made up of real band music that they listened to at the time. :P

Imagine the lawsuits if that s*** were to happen now. How things change quickly in 20 years.
Posted 09:59pm 20/2/14
O yeah, the Music of Doom 1&2 was sensational. One of the most epic game musics of the time. To this day I'd put it in the top 10 list of all time (so far). Square Enix games would populate that list pretty heavily though :/
Posted 10:01pm 20/2/14
Found it

Posted 11:35pm 20/2/14
I'm very f***ing thankful that 'Redbook Audio' and CD's weren't the norm that early on.
I do love some of the original soundtracks made during the 90's, don't get me wrong (I'm looking at you Mech Warrior 2 and exp's) but that set of Midi's from Doom would have to sit in the top 1 or 2 simply for the number of hours I've listened to them (99% of which would have occurred while I was playing the game of course).

I've gotta say too, listening to them now, makes me wanna bust out some Doom >:)
Posted 11:42pm 20/2/14
Doom 3 was good at moments and average for the rest; when combined with probably the last FPS with a lengthy single player campaign Doom 3 could feel tiresome. Hope DOOM breathes some old school life into a stale FPS market.
Posted 11:44pm 20/2/14
Found it

May as well make the most of it:

Posted 11:49pm 20/2/14
^ That's a good one.

Put this stuff in Doom 4 and I'm sold.
Posted 12:11am 21/2/14
so, u guys want doom 4 to be EXACTLY the same as doom 1/2, released back in 92 or so, COD gets shafted for being the same every year? OKAY. hypocrits much.
Posted 01:07am 21/2/14
so, u guys want doom 4 to be EXACTLY the same as doom 1/2, released back in 92 or so, COD gets shafted for being the same every year? OKAY. hypocrits much.

Reasons to be excited about the new Doom game:

- It has DOOM in the title

Reasons to not be excited:

- Doom was largely awesome because of revolutionary multiplayer stuff. Doom 3 brought nothing new to the table and given the current state of MP FPS I find it hard to believe they'll bother doing anything innovative.
- Doom was also awesome because of mod tools and openness. We're in the Age of DLC now where those things are frowned upon by our corporate overlords. At least Bethesda had some track record of modding though with the Elder Scrolls games, right (I never played any of them but recall mirroring a few mods)?
- Carmack's no longer at id. But maybe it'll have a good Occulus Rift version or something
- Bethesda's big reveal formally confirming the existence of this game was made as a footnote to an announcement about the release date of some other game. Are they playing it low key intentionally or just scared s***less about what they're actually producing here?
- not calling it Doom 4 is lame. Curse you demon, for taking enjoyment in the suffering caused by my pedantry!

At the moment it's just another potential title in a series of ever-lasting and increasingly bland brand rehashes. We'll get the inevitable reveal trailer in a couple months and it'll feature some demons and some darkness, a shotgun and probably a joke about the BFG. I cannot bring myself to be excited about it because everything that was awesome about Doom - and FPS games in general - has long been stripped away.
Posted 01:57am 21/2/14
long live original doom
Posted 09:14am 21/2/14
Well identified Trog.

Paying attention to how Bethesda is playing it down is worth noting, but in the 20+ years Bethesda has been 'on the scene' I don't really recall then drumming /anything/ up really.
Posted 09:24am 21/2/14
- Carmack's no longer at id. But maybe it'll have a good Occulus Rift version or something

I doubt it. one of the reasons he left is because zenimax didn't want to add oculus support to the new wolfenstein and doom games.
Posted 10:32am 21/2/14
- not calling it Doom 4 is lame. Curse you demon, for taking enjoyment in the suffering caused by my pedantry!

hahah :) i knew it would annoy pedants coz it annoys me! heh.

i am still interested to see how doom(4) goes with single player... it'd be sweet if they had co-op pve !
if it's sci-fi + horror, i'm in.
Posted 10:35am 21/2/14
Yeh assuming the HD version is as amazing as people who have used it said, I really think the NBT in FPS and gaming in general belongs to whoever makes the Rift work well.

I played around with the 720 version at PAX last year and despite the mad pixels the potential was very much evident ... assuming you're not one of the poor suckers it makes want to vomit.
Posted 10:45am 21/2/14
it'd be sweet if they had co-op pve !

This +10000
Posted 07:33pm 21/2/14
it'd be sweet if they had co-op pve !

This +10000

This times two-thousand, three hundred and fifty-six!

(I'm thinking 'horde mode' and it'd need to occupy a space between AVP and Serious Sam...)
Posted 08:35pm 21/2/14
Proper Co-Op with Co-Op puzzle and situations. Not here is a single player game with a couple extra spawns.
Posted 12:23am 22/2/14
Hacked up a bit, but still - this guy's pretty quick..

Posted 12:44am 22/2/14
Nice post count
Posted 01:43am 22/2/14
man that speedrun video brings back some memories of doing levels over and over and over trying to save seconds off
Posted 02:29am 22/2/14
My problem with Doom 3 is they turned it into a predictible jump-scare survival horror type game, whereas like Toll said, the Doom series up till that point had been more about hordes of demons and slaw.

Unless they go back to the roots and do something Serious Sam style for Doom 4 (which I intend to keep calling it no matter what they try and convince me otherwise), I can't see myself giving a s*** about it.
Posted 08:39am 23/2/14
Doom 3 was a bit of tech-demo showing how a fully dynamic lit environment can enhance gameplay, it was a good fps in that sense, its level design and AI placement and function however lacked a fair bit with allot of environments turning into small corridor/room shootouts.

It was non the less a nice transition that many games followed, with more realistic lighting. I think DOOM3 should have had way better texturing however as they showed age when compared to HL2 and source engine. Also for some reason they dialed back the ambient lighting in D3 way too much IMO.

I expect DOOM4 to be just another tech demo showing off some new thingamegig
Posted 11:42am 23/2/14
Doom 3 was a bit of tech-demo showing how a fully dynamic lit environment can enhance gameplay
well, that's sort of what Doom was. An amazing technical demo. If you played Doom the whole way through, the gameplay was repetitive; it had no compelling story. If it came out today, you'd pay a few bucks for it as an indie game.

Saying something is "just a tech demo" is, I reckon, a complete misnomer that almost rudely glides over the effort that was put into the product. Arguably, Doom 3 was just not a good game but I reckon calling it a tech demo is silly.

It's 2014; noone will make tech demos any more because access to high quality game engines for super cheap is completely ubiquitous. "Doom 4" will probably "fail" for the same reason the latest Call of Duty game "fails" - it's spectacularly unimaginative and non-groundbreaking, but it sells a huge amount on the brand name alone.

I'd love to be proven wrong.
Posted 12:02pm 23/2/14
Unreal 2 was great for their time too.
Posted 06:32pm 23/2/14
should have followed MS and called it Doom One
Posted 06:36pm 23/2/14
wish some companies would think how google will handle something before they name it

it might be cool to call your supermarket "supermarket" or your restaurant "restaurant" but yeah googling it wont be as cool
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