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Post by Eorl @ 11:18am 19/02/14 | 3 Comments
Sony has officially announced that their new PlayStation 4 console has now surpassed 5 million sales worldwide, a startling feat for the three month old console.

The company announced the figure this morning ahead of their launch in Japan come February 22nd. Sony had previously announced it wanted to sell 5 million PlayStation 4 consoles by the end of the financial year on March 31st, and it seems like that won't be too hard of a milestone to hit.

Expectations are high for the launch in Japan, with almost all stock having been snapped up the moment pre-orders were available in the country. The company expects the console to be sold out within minutes of launching, putting Japan on the ever-growing waiting list of new shipments.

Sony's milestones for the PlayStation 4 have been quite welcoming for the growing industry, with 2.1 million consoles sold by early December, one million having been sold within 24 hours of its November 15th and November 29th launch days. The last update given by Sony was in January, with 4.2 million consoles sold.

For comparison sake, Microsoft's latest reports indicate 3 million Xbox One units have been sold to customers, with 3.9 million units shipped to stores.

In related PlayStation 4 news, the latest firmware update has hit the console, bringing general stability updates and fixes. Update 1.61 is currently rolling out now, and should only be a small sized update, but nonetheless an update.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:15am 20/2/14
Waaait, you mean to tell me the PS4s not been launched in Sony's home turf?

That's gotta be a first, right?
Posted 07:47am 20/2/14
Yeah I was thinking the same thing, normally Japan get's first dibs!
Posted 09:59am 20/2/14
They pretty much have the Japanese market nailed down so it makes sense to focus their initial resources on countries (particularly the U.S) where Microsoft is dominant.
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