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Post by Eorl @ 10:47am 12/02/14 | 12 Comments
Those still eager to try out the highly-anticipated mech FPS Titanfall despite the lack of Australian servers on launch will be happy to hear that beta registration will be going live at 12pm AEST today, according to a tweet by Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella.

“Tonight at 6:00PM PST (read: 12:00PM AEST) there will be a website to sign up for Titanfall beta access. The website will be announced shortly before 6,” he said.

Beta signups don't seem to be exclusive to just those who pre-order, with a tweet from Zampella revealing anyone should be able to get into the hot seat. We still have no exact clue as to when the beta will actually kick off, though previous comments by Respawn Entertainment have suggested those invited will be staggered across the beta time slot to ensure servers don't completely explode.

Titanfall will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 come March 13th.

Update: The beta website has now gone live, and you can choose between singing up for PC or Xbox One. Emails containing codes will be sent out no later than February 17th, 11:59PM PST (5:59PM AEST) according to the confirmation email.

A new trailer has also now been released to celebrate the occasion:

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:09pm 12/2/14
Wait, No Australian servers!?

What the f*** happened to FPS games... RIP the days when they'd release server software and allow people to run their own f*****g servers...

But nope, now they're f*****g people for a buck. No Australian servers on launch means I won't be buying this game at all. F*** those c****.
Posted 04:05pm 12/2/14
Signed up for the beta, more out of curiosity to see how unplayable it will be.
Posted 04:13pm 12/2/14
Yeah signed up too, I should be a shoe in for this on PC since everyone is raging lol
Posted 04:37pm 12/2/14
Signed up for the same reasons. Want to see how many shots I can miss
Posted 06:48pm 12/2/14
Signed up for the beta, more out of curiosity to see how unplayable it will be.

same here
Mr Solis
Posted 10:09pm 12/2/14
I signed up so i can tell all the naysayers how awesome a game it actually is.
Posted 05:22pm 13/2/14
You know what Australians get for pre-ordering Titanfall? A big d*** in their mouth.
Posted 12:55am 14/2/14
For some reason this reminds me of Enemy Territory
Posted 02:27pm 14/2/14
I just got my beta invite.
Posted 04:30pm 14/2/14
Holy crap I got the beta and it was downloading at 40MB/sec for half the download before it went to 12MB/sec for the other half. Took about 6 mins to download. Hoping this bodes well for their sever pings to Singapore.

*edit* file size is a bit over 12Gig
Posted 04:00pm 14/2/14
it really isn't an indication of ping
Posted 04:28pm 14/2/14
yeah I know but its nice to hope anyway :) played the training only but it said my ping to Asia on the front menu page was 108
will try tonight once dad jobs done ;)
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