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Post by Eorl @ 10:29am 07/02/14 | 5 Comments
Activision has announced that all future Call of Duty games will be moving into a three-year development cycle, with studio Sledgehammer Games being handed the CoD keys. Traditionally the series saw a two-year cycle until now, where developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch traded spots in alternating annual releases.

"For the first time, this year's Call of Duty game, and future Call of Duty games, are being built on a three year development cycle," the publisher revealed in this morning's conference call (via IGN). "There are several advantages to doing this, the first is of course quality. This will give our designers more time to envision and to innovate."

For this year's title, Sledgehammer Games has taken the reins, working independently on the title which is great news for the studio that previously played the support role in Call of Duty development. The timeline for CoD now consists of Sledgehammer Games this year, Treyarch's next game in 2015, and Infinity Ward's title in 2016.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:35pm 07/2/14
So there will still be a COD game every year, just means that there are three developers working on three different CoDs at a time?

When I first read it will be a CoD game every three years I was excited that they might actually be decent again
Posted 01:50pm 07/2/14
Wow. Just. Wow. Pump out as much generic crap annually as possible. Amazing. Stopped playing at CoD2 but I do check out the releases just to confirm they are as terrible as I think
Posted 02:21pm 07/2/14
The CoD hate is as boring (probably moreso) than the actual games themselves. I don't really play them for the m/p, but have always found the SP campaigns to be enjoyable
Posted 03:22pm 07/2/14
When I first read it will be a CoD game every three years I was excited that they might actually be decent again

It means they're spending 3 years on each game now though, so theres still hope the quality will improve
Posted 03:37pm 07/2/14
Yeah but I don't want to fork out $80+ p/year for it lol, I've been picking one up every few years

Cod MW
COD Black Ops
I was looking at Cod Ghosts but meh I'll wait for when I get an Xbone and see what is out then.
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