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Post by Eorl @ 03:09pm 06/02/14 | 10 Comments
Capcom's upcoming sci-fi ninja platforming title Strider will soon be seeing a digital launch on February 18th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam welcoming the game the day after. Taking the reigns on the reboot of classic ninja series is Double Helix, the studio behind the recent return of Killer Instinct.

Today's news also brings an announcement of two challenge modes in addition to the main story mode: Beacon Run is a “speed run” race style mode that challenges players in a slice-and-dice speedrun, and Survival mixes up harder and harder waves of enemies to defeat. Both modes feature leaderboards, as does the main campaign.

"Whether competing against the world’s best speed runners or going head-to-head against friends, players can track their stats via the Strider leaderboards, which introduce an addictive layer of depth and replayability.

Furthermore, players can unlock new sets of costumes by uncovering the vestiges of Striders fallen in battle against Grand Master Meio’s evil empire. Unlock all costumes to have access to a full array of customization options, allowing players to create their own unique and playable Strider character."

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:19pm 06/2/14
i wonder if its going to be as hard as the original classic arcade version was because that game was hard. I like to think of myself as someone who was good at arcade games back in the day but even with 3 lives i struggled to get past this guy


It was a really cool game tho with the panther thing and the bird thing and the sling sling sling swish of the blade
Posted 04:23pm 06/2/14
man bringing back some memories up in this shizzle

i had completely forgotten about this game, admittedly i was playing when it was like 8/9 years old

it was a cool game and yeah pretty hard if i remember
Posted 04:31pm 06/2/14
I don't think I ever managed to kill the last boss of Stryder, at least I *think* it was the last boss. That space station level where the gravity would flip and the boss fight you were running around a big ring, and the boss was floating in the middle.

Last time I bought a remake of a classic game though I got burned. Picked up the Flashback remake and it was awful :(
Posted 04:38pm 06/2/14
yeah those screenshots look pretty terrible

is there any way to play the old strider?

so cool

Posted 08:34pm 06/2/14
I used to have a MAME rom of the arcade version.

Posted 09:03pm 06/2/14
Seems alot easier. You have an energy shield now.

Posted 09:12pm 06/2/14
This game looks like its based on the NES version of Strider, not the arcade game. The NES version was awesome, more adventure-y and kinda like metroid.
Posted 09:12pm 06/2/14
I'm surprised they don't include the original as a pre-order bonus, seems like a complete no-brainer.
Posted 11:05pm 06/2/14
Does anyone want to borrow my copy?
Posted 11:09pm 06/2/14
Lol at the tagline...

A titanium blade. A heart of steel.
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