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Post by Eorl @ 12:42pm 04/02/14 | 19 Comments
After nearly four months of waiting to continue the gritty story of Bigby Wolf's adventure in the new episodic series The Wolf Among Us, the wait is now over. Telltale has announced that The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 -- Smoke and Mirrors will be available later today for PC enthusiasts, with other platforms scheduled throughout the week.

Titled 'Smoke & Mirrors', the new episode continues on from its cliff-hanger moment and introduces the character Jack from the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. Described as a "sharp-tongued rogue" from the Fable universe, who has been part of the comic series since issue one and has had his own spinoff comic series, Jack of Fables. The new episode will also introduce players to the seedy underground club known as the 'Pudding & Pie.'

If you are scratching your head wondering what The Wolf Among Us actually is, you can check out our review on the first episode over here. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 will be available on PC, Mac and the NA PlayStation Store later today, with Xbox 360 and PlayStation Europe getting it tomorrow. Those on iOS will be seeing the episode sometime next week.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:43pm 04/2/14
yay today and released 1st on PC. The universe is once again in balance
Posted 05:10pm 04/2/14
Any idea on the AEST we could expect this?
Posted 05:29pm 04/2/14
late tonight or early tomorrow probably.
Posted 09:25pm 04/2/14
Usually around 10/11 PM AEST Steam will update.
Posted 09:32pm 04/2/14
Usually around 10/11 PM AEST Steam will update.
Nah, it's usually 3AM AEST because that's 9AM PST (Valve is in Bellevue, Washington).
Posted 10:05am 05/2/14
it's out
Posted 12:16pm 05/2/14
replayed ep 1 last night and am keen as mustard for this.
Posted 07:19pm 05/2/14
well that was pretty short and disappointing. guess they put all their effort into the walking dead.
Posted 09:10pm 05/2/14
it wasn't so much disappointing, i thought the story telling was top notch, just that the Spoiler:
investigation was way too f*****g easy and the choices were pretty inconsequential
. it was about 45 minutes too short too.

but i still like it better than the walking dead. zombies are done. and i seriously cannot f*****g wait for the game of thrones take.
Posted 09:28pm 05/2/14
This was awesome. Man I can't wait for the next part. Spoiler:
My only gripe, it was a bit too short.
Rage Face
Posted 11:01pm 05/2/14
STILLL WAITING..... wish it would come out already on ps3.
Posted 02:11am 06/2/14
It was short like Bluebeard's knife. Solid though, still enjoying the series.
Posted 01:55pm 06/2/14
was kinda surprised when it ended, thought it was fairly short. I don't think it was as good as the first episode. Really hope that its not another long wait for the next one.
Posted 02:42pm 06/2/14
My spoilery thoughts on the episode

I thought maybe the photo of Crane might have been a glamour. In the post game outro you see him throwing a glamour onto a car seat while wiping blood off his face. That's either another Snow White glamour, or a glamour for someone else to appear as Crane. Bluebeard was in a position to get the ingredients for a glamour for both of those Fables, and it seems like he has something to gain from Crane's downfall, who knows! (although that doesnt really explain why a Fable glamoured as Crane would get angry and smash the mirror)

Enjoyed the episode, it was mostly dialogue, but that was ok with me. I did find it a bit weird when Beast showed up at the Hotel, where did he come from all of a sudden? Does he like to frequent strip clubs and brothels, I guess that would explain why he's such a beast...

I'm liking the dichotomy they're setting up with this game. In The Walking Dead there were a lot of choices that involved either being nice and keeping people happy, or being a survival focused a****** with a full stomach. Wolf Among Us seems to have a similar trope in that you can be nice to people and keep them on side, or lean more into the hard boiled detective character and piss people off or beat them up to get more information out of them.

Posted 02:23pm 06/2/14
I had the same thought. I mean you've spent most the episode going around investigating this murder of a person who was glamoured to look like Snow. They end up finding this photo of Crane and the first thing Bigby does is accuse that its him doing all this. I don't buy it yet, i think they are just trying to throw people off.

The smashing of the mirror bit, what if they didnt want someone to know where the real Crane was, maybe hes tied up somewhere

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Posted 02:25pm 06/2/14
yeah it was way too short. good continuation to the story but a very short ep. I think tell tail is starting to stretch its self thin with all the projects they ahve on at the moment..
Posted 05:15pm 06/2/14
^ a very good point. i love them so much i want them to keep it quality. i don't want the quality to drop in favour of output, because then i'd just buy sub-standard games. and i would buy them. because i'm a f*****g addict. these are the games i've been waiting for.
Posted 11:46pm 06/2/14
it wasn't too short for me. i got through it in 2 hours which was the same length as the first episode.

also, i noticed that the woman that does the voice of beauty also does the voice of clementine.
Posted 03:37am 07/2/14
Enjoyed it, did think it was a bit short.

It seemed less smooth than the last one to me, just in scene transitions and load times - might just be my PC.
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