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Post by Eorl @ 12:43pm 31/01/14 | 8 Comments
Publisher Electronic Arts has today announced that their free-to-play version of Dungeon Keeper, the "diabolical" strategy game, is now available across iOS and Android devices.

Enticing players to be bad rather than good, Dungeon Keeper lets you build and maintain an underground lair, defending it from invaders by summoning hordes of imps, trolls and bile demons. EA describes it as a "twisted" take on Bullfrog's original title, which was released way back in 1997 for PC and headed by well-known developer Peter Molyneux.

Taking the reins on this new take is EA's Mythic studio, with the main game available for free to players with the usual inclusion of micro-transactions on the side. Check out the trailer below for a look at what you can expect.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:00pm 31/1/14
f*** i wish this franchise wasn't owned by EA.
Posted 05:44pm 31/1/14
Same, i f*****g loved the original dungeon keeper. Gonna go download it right now and hopefully its not $!@!$@
Posted 07:26pm 31/1/14
Man looks like they PG13'd it.

Such a shame, DK1 and DK2 were great. DK2 still holds up well now for playability.
Posted 09:52pm 31/1/14
Loved the original Bullfrog one! And #2. Let's try it out...
Posted 01:17pm 02/2/14
Check out the trailer below for a look at what you can expect.

Posted 05:45pm 02/2/14
24 hours?! holy f*****g s***. Poor Bullfrog... :(
Posted 06:46pm 02/2/14
yeh, this is the most disgusting use of a disgusting system. p2p(lay) it in its original form, basically
Posted 10:48pm 02/2/14
That is unbelievable! 56 blocks is like a couple of room!
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