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Post by Eorl @ 10:37am 30/01/14 | 7 Comments
As DayZ moves into its third month of being available to eager bug testers in the Steam Early Access section, creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has revealed the newest patch making its way to the experimental server build, one that will be adding a number of new additions and fixes to the zombie survival game.

One of the biggest changes coming in this patch is the introduction of player queueing and anti-combat logging, essentially punishing those who disconnect during combat. The new queue will add a penalty waiting time to those who switch a server or disconnect within a short period of time, making you wait a currently unknown amount of time before re-connecting.

This new change is one that has already got fans celebrating as the game has been plagued with people disconnecting since launching, which causes a number of frustration namely the loss of hard earned ammo. Players disconnecting will also be kept in-game for 30 seconds, making it possible to die from either other players or zombies.

A number of other new additions are also coming in this patch, which is currently available on the experimental servers to test. These include the new machete melee weapon, the SKS rifle and its speedloader, a new "Improvised Courier Backpack" and a whole page's worth of bug fixes and engine changes. All of these can be read over at the official forums, with DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall expecting the consumer version of the patch to be available sometime around February 5th-7th.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:04am 30/1/14
the americans are celebrating the combat logging "fix" but in Australia we have s***** net. On a regular night I might have my modem fall over a few times. Some nights its fine others its bad. Just s***** telstra hard at work. How will the game know that this isnt "combat logging"?

Its clumsy to punish just disconnecting.

Especially bizarre is that in the mod there was a perfectly good combat logging system. Why cant we have that much better system? Basically you could log in and out as much as you wanted but if you fired your weapon, or had someone / something attack you (ie fire at or around you) a 15 second timer started counted down - logging before that timer got to Zero killed you. Great system. Already in the mod. But we have this clumsy attempt at a "fix"?
Posted 11:34am 30/1/14
If it happens when you're in a firefight, it's just bad luck I guess. Preferable to combat logging imo. I know it's going to irk you a bit, maybe switch to optus lol?

Might have to get back into it over the weekend. If any of you kents are keen on Sat night, PM on steam.
Posted 12:17pm 30/1/14
Hey you know I want a solution to combat logging.

What im saying is why use the clumsy "any disconnect you get a time out for who knows how long" VS "you are actually in combat and you get penalized for logging" system that already exists from the mod? One penalizes everyone indiscriminately while the other targets the issue exactly - logging during combat. It just doesn't make sense to me.
Pablitos Way
Posted 06:12pm 30/1/14
I'm keen for a game Sat night. I'll see you guys on TS.
Posted 07:00pm 30/1/14
I think this new system is aimed more at server hoppers bookz. I'd expect some form of punishment for actual combat logging in the future.
Well, that's how I took it when I read through the patch notes this morning.
Posted 09:54pm 30/1/14
anyone played on a experimental server for this version yet? I can't seem to find any online...
Posted 01:35am 31/1/14
oh its supposed to be more about fixing the server hoppers and ghosting? Well that actually makes much more sense then.

Bad reporting Eorl. Naughty!
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