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Post by Eorl @ 04:07pm 29/01/14 | 9 Comments
With the Origin of Madness content update still continuing to throw gigantic robots and sand wurms that would make Dune cry out in fear, ArenaNet has released a new trailer today giving a sneak peak at next week's Living Story Update.

Marking the third last update, the new trailer will take players to the Edge of the Mists, a "proto-reality that exists between the worlds which in turn are the building blocks of reality." In other words, people go here to kill other people. This new update looks to bringing longtime villain character Scarlet Briar to the Mists, though we are unsure exactly what she'll be bringing along for the ride.

Check it out below and we'll hear more as we get closer to the February 4th date.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:07pm 29/1/14
Anyone play GW2 and can comment on what it's like to play?

I want to get into an MMO whilst I am at Uni and saving for a house previously when I play an MMO I save money because I'm not buying games every week lol

Resubbed to WoW
Looking at getting into EVE
But this looks good.
Posted 06:31pm 29/1/14
Guild wars is outstanding, ive played every single mmo out there.
With 2 weekly content patches there is always something to do.
When you are leveling, don't just skip the story. The story in guild wars is actually really damn good and there is so many different paths to choose from.

If and when you decide to play, just don't play engineers or rangers and you will be fine.
Posted 06:59pm 29/1/14
It's a pretty game but nowhere near the same quality as WoW (balance and bugs wise, graphically it is way better). I'm on the verge of giving it up for awhile but want to see the end of this Scarlet storyline they have been running.

Balance is non-existent in PvP/WvW but it's not a huge issue since most fights aren't 1v1. The biggest issue for me is how broken targeting is and the huge advantage it gives to classes that can break targeting. Basically you quite often will try to tab target or even auto-target something in front of you but the game for whatever reason targets something off in the background. In PvE it means you sometimes pull the wrong mob but in PvP against characters that can constantly break target like thieves and mesmers it makes them OP.

PvE is also kinda messed up. I haven't done many dungeons but the ones I have were pretty boring, they are not so much as easy as they are bland. Some people do find them fun however and I never really enjoyed dungeons in WoW either. The greatest potential is in the big outdoor events, for a long time they were easily done by a zerg but now they have scaling which didn't necessarily make them harder it just made them take a lot longer.

The interesting events that they have made require a lot of coordination but they don't have the tools in the game to facilitate the coordination. They can be really fun when you have a good group running it but more often than not they just end in frustrating failure. The most recent is the Clockwork Marionette which needs almost a full server to complete (about 120+ players) and requires people to break up into small groups and defeat different bosses with some kind of gimmick within a time frame. Because you get broken up into small groups (randomly, you don't stick with your party which is part of the problem) it only takes one or two people to not know what they are doing to cause the event to fail and since it's an open world event that anyone can show up to it's almost guaranteed to get plenty of people that don't know what they are doing. It's only a week old and people have already stopped showing up for it on my server.

On the positive side world exploration is really good with some pretty fun jumping puzzles, questing is a breeze and the storylines are pretty interesting. Personally I think it's well worth the cost of admission and it'd probably take a number of months before the shininess of the game wears off and you start to become grumpy and jaded like me.
Posted 07:41pm 29/1/14
Hrmm, where to buy CJS have it but their key doesn't work with US/Canada accounts, I'm assuming we are in that bracket?

Their website lists it for $49.99 USD which isn't too bad.
Posted 08:00pm 29/1/14
You should probably add necromancers to that list rominion.
Posted 08:38pm 29/1/14
Depends on the way you play necro, i play a condi necro focusing on wvw, ive killed 5+ people solo, and the crit life steal build is stupidly op in just about everything, although it got nerfed recently. I like the necro's mechanics, its just that most necros are terrible players.
Posted 09:53pm 29/1/14
Necros aren't terrible they just aren't anywhere near as good as Elementals, Guardians, Thieves or Mesmers.

necros have the least innate movement/defensive abilities of all classes so if you are not specifically built for wvw you are going to have a bad time. Mostly I stick to hiding in the blob or solo capping camps when on my necro in wvw since I can't be bothered changing my gear and spec but I know MM/Condi builds can be pretty successful.

Still without the movement abilities of other classes the options are pretty slim. I normally get frustrated by not being able to do the little things like run through opposing blobs completely unscathed so normally end up on my Ele after a while of wvw with my Necro.
Posted 05:53am 30/1/14
After 1 year of playing, the game has became dull, not much to do and grindy with little benefits. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for an MMORPG. There's hardly any challenge in the game either.

PvP is always the same, capture points everywhere and WvW is mostly a zerg rush. PvE on the other hand is ok, you have about 8-9 dungeons with different paths which reward you once a day, no point in repeating them. The storyline appears to be designed by Uwe Boll, total garbage, mind you I never started it once.

You may notice that ANet releases new content every few weeks, which is forgotten after 1 week oh and it doesn't end there, it will most likely be removed a few weeks later (yup temporary content).

In the end you're left with the same vanilla game you bought last year with very little permanent content additions. Also the game is full of RNG. You can also craft armors and weapons which are a total snorefest, especially the last 100 levels.

Bottom Line:

You will most probably have fun the first few months even 1 year but it starts to wear off pretty fast. Daily activities feel like a chore sometimes, even boring. I've got over 4k hours in game by playing a lot but now I can't stay for more than an hour in game without feeling bored.
Posted 01:56pm 30/1/14
I still play, 7 80's all geared in Ascended now.
Necro is my favorite, Engineer 2nd.
Its like any MMO, play what you like.

WvW is what separates this game to others, WoW PVE better, WoW PVP LOL.

If you are looking to play, I am in an Aussie guild on Fort Aspenwood will get you in.


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