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Post by Eorl @ 08:50am 29/01/14 | 8 Comments
While we may have to wait until November to celebrate the official 10th year anniversary for the behemoth of an MMO known as World of Warcraft, Blizzard has popped the cork early with a quite large infographic detailing for the first time a number of stats on their long-running title.

According to the image, there has been over 100 million unique accounts created since launching in 2004, though this does include both normal and trial accounts. Still, a massive feat for any MMO on the market today considering the life expectancy in the genre and Blizzard puts that into perspective with it equating to twice as many accounts as people living in South Korea.

World of Warcraft is also played over 244 countries and territories, including Antarctica, the Bahamas, Christmas Island and Tokelau. Interestingly the population spread is on average 52% Alliance, 47% Horde and 1% Neutral. 9 million guilds have been made, with 500 million characters created inside the world of Warcraft.

Wanting to know what players in Azeroth do everyday? Well it seems the most popular content to do is the Pet Battles, which makes up 3.6 million battles a day. For PvE instances its 900k, and PvP amounts to 670k a day. Now that is a lot of content being consumed by players across the globe.

Read up on more of what makes World of Warcraft tick at the official infographic, and let us know in the comments on how long you've been playing World of Warcraft for, and your most enjoyable memories.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:40am 29/1/14
I hope Blizzard give us something cool for the 10 year anniversary.
Posted 01:24pm 29/1/14
I just starting playing again... FFS
Posted 02:29pm 29/1/14
I hope Blizzard give us something cool
New hat mount.
Posted 02:32pm 29/1/14
What a cash cow this has been for them.

I'm very happy to say I've never played it so they didn't get a cent from me!
Posted 02:49pm 29/1/14
hi5 heardy ! :p i played wow twice when there was the free intro to wow dealies... but never paid a cent towards it.

i thought it looked really s***... like a nintendo game.
Posted 03:07pm 29/1/14
3.6 million pet battles...

So World Of Warcraft has turned into Pokemon?
Posted 03:40pm 29/1/14
Add me into the 3.6 million battles. It is just too satisfying capturing pets and levelling them up. Makes me want a true Pokemon MMO.
Posted 04:29pm 29/1/14
New hat $50 mount.

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