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Post by Eorl @ 03:50pm 28/01/14 | 15 Comments
The Internet Rumour Mill™ is once again churning, with a new screenshot spotted in the wild of what appears to be a Source Engine 2 PowerPoint presentation.

Revealed on NeoGAF by the supposedly reliable "crazy buttocks on a train" leaker (who previously leaked a number of PS4 and Xbox One information), the screenshot not only features the new engine in question, but also demonstrates the graphical prowess with the Plantation level from Left 4 Dead 2 rebuilt in the new tech.

As with any rumour found on the Internet, you should take this one with a grain of salt. Previous evidence has surfaced suggesting that Valve may just be looking into a new engine, though it is hard to tell just when we may see any official announcement on the subject. Maybe one day we will finally get to see Ravenholme again. Check out the screenshots in detail over here.

source 2valveenginerumourleakleft 4 dead 2left 4 dead 3half life 3
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:26pm 28/1/14
would love a new L4D, even a redone one.
Posted 07:19pm 28/1/14
I don't understand why no-ones tapped into rebuilding old school awesome games on new engines! I'd pay anything to play the original Thief or Deus Ex on the Crysis engine or Source 2.0.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 07:23pm 28/1/14

A lot of teams start, never finish. There's also various rights issues.

That being said, the Morrowind remake in the Skyrim engine appears to be going strong, and The Dark Mod was completed, albeit without the original missions due to licensing issues I think. Baldurs Gate got its enhanced edition re-release, Abe's Oddysee is getting a HD version, etc.

Posted 07:31pm 28/1/14
looks like unreal engine to me. Very possible that it's not but that foliage looks very similar to stock UDK foliage.
Posted 07:50pm 28/1/14
calling fake, source engine was leaps and bound ahead of anything else at its time, this does not look that impressive considering what's out there at the moment, plus I cant see them dropping it out with a remake...
Posted 09:10pm 28/1/14
To me this doesn't look like a brand new engine, looks more like a heavily modified source engine.

I think it's fake... I hope it's fake.

I agree with syzk. The first source engine was huge when it came out, if this is supposed to be source 2.0 it's a huge disappointment considering this doesn't look any better than frostbite 3, udk or even Cryengine
Posted 09:27pm 28/1/14
IMO it looks worse than Frostbite 3, UDK or Cry. I don't think this is Source 2.0 either.
Posted 10:53pm 28/1/14
Those were my thoughts too, in those shots it really doesn't look that good compared to other engines.
Posted 11:00pm 28/1/14
Looks alright to me. Valve may not be building an engine to out do its competitors by a few polygons and pixels. As long as they are advancing their tech, that is the main thing.
Posted 11:58am 29/1/14
I find it funny that you guys make a judgement call on an entire engine based on the one screenshot. Regardless, what you should be looking at is the quality of the lighting solution, not the quality of the assets used. Seems to me I can see single face sub surface scattering through the leaves, and a clean global illumination system. Hard to tell without any moving pictures, but in the thumbnail images it seems to be showing a daylight system with the G.I. adapting so it would seem that this is the case. There also seems to be a nice fog, but I cannot discern any volumetric shadows, however this may be a good thing, as those kinds of shadows don't actually appear in reality as strongly as you see when they are faked in movies and games. We can't glean any evidence on this shot of how robust the particle system is, or if the geometry is deformable, nor how the engine handles the tracing of geometry through glass and reflections.
So in short, comparing these images to CryEngine, Frostbite, or UDK is a redundant exercise; as it may have an incredible robust and easy to use creation system, it may have material attributes that dictate sound and interior volumes, and it may have a brilliant and natural G.I system. It could be the best Engine ever, as Valve is pushing for player presence with it's focus on VR technologies.

What you see here is a screenshot showing off some technical info for developers, not screens showing off how talented their modeling and texture artist are. Having huge amounts of polygonal leaves all over the place is no longer a technilogical achievement, so why would they bother trying to show that stuff to people who know what they are doing.
Posted 02:26pm 29/1/14
So in short

Should have just posted that part, the rest hurt my brain.
Posted 02:48pm 29/1/14
Posted 04:33pm 29/1/14
Very valid points ChaosDreamer, I agree entirely.
Posted 08:55pm 29/1/14
I liked ChaosDreamers post. Excited stuff. Whether true or not, Source 2.0 engine is something to look out for.
Posted 12:41am 30/1/14
calling fake, source engine was leaps and bound ahead of anything else at its time

Haha no it wasn't, Source was pretty dated out of the gate. idtech4, Crytek (the FarCry engine) and UE2 were all technologically superior in almost every way.

Source had some interesting facial animation technology but that's about it.
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