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Post by Eorl @ 10:40am 25/01/14 | 7 Comments
Valve has taken it upon themselves to now allow Steam users the choice of cancelling any digital pre-orders they may happen to purchase in their day-to-day business, a practice that was previously available only by emailing Steam support.

Users on Steam's Forums (via Polygon) are reporting the new change in policy, which can now be found in your Steam transaction history with the button "Refund an item" link for any pre-orders. This new change will enable players to change their mind at a whim, offering some sought after basics when it comes to pre-ordering online.

When it comes to pre-ordering on Steam, Valve will charge your payment method the full amount, unlike brick 'n' mortar stores which go for the usual $5-$10 deposit on physical media. It is currently unclear whether this new method will put the pre-order amount back into your Steam Wallet or refund it to your chosen payment method, though the choice is now there.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:48am 25/1/14
I've never pre-ordered from Steam so didn't know you couldn't, but interesting this wasn't normal already...
Posted 11:05am 25/1/14
The option was always there as stated in the article, you just had to contact Steam support to do you can just click a button in the steam client yourself

Nice addition
Posted 11:09am 25/1/14
If I recall, before you would have had to contact Steam Support to cancel a pre-order. This certainly makes things easier.
Posted 10:55pm 25/1/14
Cool, customer focused design actually working in the interests of customers.
Posted 02:55am 26/1/14
I wish they offered a "ship the cd to me" option, given the ultra high prices we already pay for s*** on steam they should send us free cd's or tshirts n stuff.
Posted 08:18am 26/1/14
Why would one pre-order a digital item they have unlimited copies of?
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 10:49am 26/1/14
When I read this thread I was thinking "what kind of mad fool would pre-order a game," and yet I somehow just pre-ordered Thief 4 from GMG, which I'm not even sure about (markeddown from $50 to $31.50, this video made it look promising, it's my favourite series, and that bonus bank map will be appreciated by me since I loved that level back in the day...).

Hopefully they have a way to cancel if reviews come out and say that it's really really bad...
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