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Post by Eorl @ 12:17pm 23/01/14 | 21 Comments
Valve is continuing to update their recently launched in-home streaming beta, this time adding the ability to support "streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library". Thanks to this change, even if your games aren't actually available through Steam, simply adding them to your library will now allow you to beam them across the cyberspace.

While your head may be spinning at the possibilities, this change now means any game can be streamed through Steam in-home streaming, simply by clicking the "Add a Non-Steam Game" option. In essence, this essentially bridges the gap from Windows to Linux or Mac computers. So go ahead, why not beam across Solitaire to your big screen TV and enjoy that crisp velvet-coated virtual card table.

Of course all of this relies on the infrastructure being stable and reliable, something that users are noting is still a long way in the current beta form. As always though, this kind of system is always going to (hopefully) get better as time goes on.

In related Steam news Valve has also revealed a new list of 50 games to have been greenlit this week, just a fortnight after the last 50. You can find the full list over here, but among the more notable ones includes Catlateral Damage, the pet project of designer Chris Chung in which you play a cheeky cat knocking objects off surfaces. Cat-tastic.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:50pm 23/1/14
F*** yeah now i can play FIFA 2013 which is on my origin account :)
Posted 02:43pm 23/1/14
Now if I could just get the beta ....
Posted 02:49pm 23/1/14
i thought you opted into it.
Posted 03:16pm 23/1/14
i thought you opted into it.

The In-Home Streaming beta is being trickled out via email invites
Posted 04:23pm 23/1/14
I thought i could try it out when i got home today restarted steam in beta and couldn't see any home streaming still need an invite, right?
Posted 04:26pm 23/1/14
Yeah you will still need an invite to get in, but apparently joining the community group enters you into the pool. I just got an invite this afternoon so looks like a new wave went out, you'll get an email about it.
Posted 05:31pm 23/1/14
dam havent got mine yet :(
Posted 07:53pm 23/1/14
First time hearing about this. I've got an old lappy sitting around that I could put under the tv. What's the spec requirements for the receiver ?
Posted 08:10am 24/1/14
I got my invite 2 hours ago, get to test it tonight now :)
Posted 08:20am 24/1/14
I got into the Steam game streaming beta thingo this morning. I quickly tried it before I went to work, it's pretty damn awesome.

Had steam installed on my media centre PC (which is pretty average specs - and in the lounge room) and my normal gaming PC and streamed DOTA2 with no issues (I was watching a tournie).

I plugged in my Xbox 360 wireless controller into the Media Centre PC in the lounge room and fired up Borderlands 2, worked flawlessly.

So yeah, pretty freakin' awesome!
Posted 09:01am 24/1/14
Got my invite this morning but haven't got around to trying it yet. It'll be kickass if it works on my Surface Pro.
Posted 09:06am 24/1/14
So what I need is NBN with Steam Client on ChromeCast plugged into my TV. Then I rent access to games on powerful ass PC's in the "cloud" so I don't need to have a big loud ass PC that needs updating every 6 months. Right?
Posted 09:36am 24/1/14
^ Your dream ended 6 words in.
Posted 10:43am 24/1/14
Correct the future will be renting out servers for your steam satisfaction :)
Posted 06:40pm 24/1/14
Holy crap! Works with Surface Pro perfectly. Even HDMI-out to TV. I wasn't getting 60fps but it was completely playable.
Posted 07:23pm 24/1/14
Holy crap! Works with Surface Pro perfectly. Even HDMI-out to TV. I wasn't getting 60fps but it was completely playable.

specs of machinery and network equipment plz
Posted 07:36pm 24/1/14

specs of machinery and network equipment plz

Just the Surface Pro tablet haha

Intel Core i5-3317U Dual-core 1.7 GHz (Turbo Boost to 2.6 GHz)
4gb RAM

and I'm just using Telstra's stock cable router. NetGear Network Gateway CG3100

Certain games run better than others but no worse than 30fps ... Tomb Raider ran amazingly and the control lag was extremely minimal and hardly even noticed it. Took on about 10 mobs in Arkham Origins and didn't get hit once and countered every attack. didn't affect my gameplay what so ever. Played it over WiFi as well. Serious Sam 3 played pretty well except for a maybe 10 second gap but it's still in beta and I haven't tweeked a single thing. Just jumped right in.
Posted 07:42pm 24/1/14
glynd chuck a vid up!

nice results!
Posted 07:43pm 24/1/14
I'll try and get something up later but here's something for the meanwhile:

PC <- WiFi -> Surface Pro <- HDMI -> 52" TV and playing with Xbox 360 controller

Posted 09:45pm 24/1/14
After testing it on my media pc from my gaming pc over a gigabit switch i got to say that i am extremely impressed using big picture mode and an xbox controller. Best of both worlds now. Lounge room play for controller games, mouse and keyboard for FPS and strategy on the gaming pc.

I really want to get my hands on the steam controller now.
Posted 10:26pm 24/1/14
I've had great success with what I have played, though this was just streaming from my desktop to my girlfriend's desktop across the hallway. I haven't yet tried hooking up to the lounge room TV, but I'm very tempted to just build a small HTPC for streaming games/movies as I now have my all-in-one solution.

I will say there was a slight bit of latency in movement, but this was only picked up when using mouse/keyboard. Using a controller you couldn't tell the difference. This was all tested over a gigabit ethernet connection, my PC specs are as follows:

Windows 8.1
8GB DRR3 1600MHz RAM
Intel Core i7-3770k @ 3.50GHz (not OC)
GeForce GTX 570 with 4GB GDDR5

So pretty sub-standard GPU though somewhat high quality CPU. Can't wait for the Steam controller.
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