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Post by Eorl @ 11:44am 21/01/14 | 10 Comments
IGN is reporting that Disney has abandoned the trademark for Star Wars 1313, suggesting that the project will sadly never be released. The United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed the news, showing that the trademark wasn't renewed on December 23, 2013.

Hope is still out there that Disney may one day revive the title, but it seems more likely that this won't happen for the highly-anticipated game. Originally revealed at E3 2012, Star Wars 1313 promised players the chance to play as a bounty hunter on Curoscant in, and around, Level 1313. It debuted with a handful of art assets and a few snippets of pre-rendered gameplay but nothing more.

When Disney acquired LucasArts, we first heard that development on Star Wars 1313 wouldn't be affected, however it wasn't long before rumours began circling that the game was on hold. It was officially cancelled shortly afterwards thanks to the company shutting down, though there were hopes that the project may be resurrected to tie-in to the release of the planned Boba Fett spin-off movie when new rumours began circulating that the title had been adjusted to feature Boba Fett.

Those eager for a Star Wars title will be happy to know that EA's Battlefront is still continuing development, though with Battlefield 4's performance who knows how that will turn out. For a trip down memory lane you can check out Star Wars 1313's game page for all the videos and artwork in hopes that one day we may see the title rise from its grave.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:29pm 21/1/14
wow that was one of the games that i was actually keen on, looked really really good!
Posted 05:16pm 21/1/14
Prepare for huge amount of mediocre s***** starwars games to come out once the new movies do...Ugggh
Posted 10:20pm 21/1/14
This is probably for the best. Instead they could do KOTOR 3 and be successful with that.
Posted 10:30pm 21/1/14
Yeah they won't be doing Kotor 3 dunno why people still think that will ever happen
Posted 02:22am 22/1/14
wow that was one of the games that i was actually keen on, looked really really good!

I dunno man.. after that last trailer they released I wasn't impressed at all like in the first one. looked like a really scripted game.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 02:34am 22/1/14
Yeah, it had pretty graphics, but:

* Seemed completely scripted.

* The design of coruscant just sucks and gets boring real fast to watch or visit, going by SWTOR, the prequels, and the clone wars. There's no context, landmarks, or story to it, or anything, it's just a bunch of roomy stuff joined together.
Posted 12:40pm 22/1/14
looking forward to battlefront 3! Battlefront 2 was/is awesome - fps gameplay and actual control would be in my all-time top 3 (lightsaber handling could prob be slightly better, though the ability to jump 100 meters into the air makes up for it) and the space battles (with a wingman joystick) chewed up a lot of my time. Great game, very well done.

I'm sure disney's dirty nazi money will completely f*** everything up.
Posted 02:07pm 22/1/14
I never got the chance to play Battlefront 1-2 online, I bet it was pretty cool.

If Dice make B Front 3 with the same type of mechanics as BF3-4, it should be pretty cool. What I mean is, having a variety of weapons for each class, addons/upgrades for weapons etc. Do we know what time frame BFront 3 will be covering? Classic era? Ep 1-3? both?
Posted 02:35pm 22/1/14
I reckon it's safe to say that not including xwings, tie fighters and classic storm troopers with their useless armour is not in anyone's best interests. That just wouldn't be cricket.
Posted 08:01pm 22/1/14
Maybe BF4 is Battlefront beta, thats why BF4 is a bit of a buggy mess :P
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