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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:12pm 20/01/14 | 10 Comments
While the DayZ standalone effort is out in the wide world, it's not yet fully finished and is still very much a work in progress. This hasn't stopped its popularity though, and with so much hubbub around the game we asked Joab Gilroy, a self-professed master of, and person addicted to, DayZ, to introduce us, and you, to the game's rich and exciting world.

Rather than spew the written word at you, and because DayZ is emergent gameplay personified, we decided Joab should partake in a series of video diaries running you through the DayZ experience, kicking off this week with a look at simply starting out. As his play experience matures, so will the content provided until as much of the experience you can expect from the game is covered off, or we're all just sick of hearing how good he is at it.

Click here for our DayZ Standalone Preview Diary, entry #1. Or watch it embedded below.

dayz standalonedayzausgamerspreviewvideo diary
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:16pm 20/1/14
Nice one. Cant wait for Joab to get shot.

With that in mind hey lets meet up ;)
Posted 06:48pm 20/1/14
Haha I've been shot so many times since I finished this video. Next video will have a fair bit of combat (it's all about combat).
Pablitos Way
Posted 08:10pm 20/1/14
You can't trust that Joab guy ;)
Posted 08:56pm 20/1/14
Joaby you sound so nervous reading that VO... Relax bro, just pretend its a podcast ;)
Posted 09:53pm 20/1/14
Not nervous, just concentrating on speaking clearly because I wasn't using the podcast setup to record.
Posted 12:09am 21/1/14
Good review, still deciding whether to jump in now or wait until it's more polished. Might wait until Part 2 :-)
Posted 12:13am 21/1/14
It's alright but until they populate with ALLOT more zombies or raise the player cap above the crappy 40 mark it gets dull rather fast
Posted 12:24am 21/1/14
Just speak true strayan cobbarino.
Posted 06:50pm 21/1/14
not a bad clip! Some rather crap advice though at times...I would not stand there punching zombies,. much safer to give sound advice to run and loose them, rather than stand there and attempt to fisty cuffs... ,most first time players would be dead in two seconds going bare knuckles.
Posted 07:20pm 21/1/14
I just showed how easy it is to punch them to death.
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