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In EverQuest Next Landmark, players will be able to determine who can build and use what on their claims, but will have to adhere to a maintenance system in order to keep them, according to a recent livestream from the Sony Online Entertainment development team.

During the stream it was revealed that the claiming will be instant, with no downtime set-up period on the currently sized 70x70x100 meters. Claimed spots will be public though, however players can choose whether they are hidden or visible and who has permissions to build on the claimed land. Said buildings can be usable things, such as a crafting forge, and claim owners can choose whether to give others permissions to use them.

Those worried about building next to friends and not being able to build across will be happy to know that this is not the case, and that you can build items across boundaries without fear. Players who do not upkeep their claims will lose them, but everything they own there will be saved. The claim can be reclaimed if no one else has already moved into it. Active claims can be moved and SOE hopes to eventually make them transferrable and purchasable between players.

For more info on the claim system, as well as other details on unlockable items and the inventory, check out the archived stream video here.

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