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Post by Eorl @ 11:34am 18/01/14 | 11 Comments
As DayZ moves into its third month of being available to eager bug testers in the Steam Early Access section, creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has revealed the newest patch making its way to the experimental server build, one that will be adding a number of new additions and fixes to the zombie survival game.

One of the biggest keynotes is the ever-balancing of player food levels, with the patch notes revealing that stomachs will be growing "bigger", allowing for more food to be stuffed inside your survivor. Another big change is the ability to now pick berries from bushes, though Hall has left the idea widely open to guessing as to whether certain berries will be poisonous, so prepare that charcoal tab medicine.

Other changes include weapon spawning balances, animation changes, various glitches and bugs. Players will also find shotguns will now be appearing in loot spawns alongside the new hacksaw item which can be used to create a saw-off shotgun for those wanting to be different. Spraypaint has also been added into the game, so it will only be matter of time before players start blackening out village signs and painting their Mosin bright pink.

Changes to the game itself come in the form of editable character names in the menu, database support for sub-hives and changes to server browser as well. Signature verification against PBO files has also been added, which should stop a number of exploits that removed grass, rocks and trees from the game.

For the full list of changes head over to the official forums (ed: forum is down so find patch notes here), which also includes a handy rundown on how you can participate in the experimental build before the patch goes live.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:52pm 18/1/14
Seems appropriate.

Posted 02:08pm 18/1/14
people removed grass rocks and trees????!?!!1 that really explains a lot.

like my sudden paranoia.
Posted 03:02pm 18/1/14
Hall has left the idea widely open to guessing as to whether certain berries will be poisonous, so prepare that antibiotic medicine.

Why would someone use an antibiotic against poison? They'd die because toxins aren't biotic. They would need an Antidote, Stomach pump, Cathartic, or even a Bowel irrigation...
Posted 03:26pm 18/1/14
All sounds good. I wish they would loot binoculars.
Posted 03:29pm 18/1/14
Charcoal tabs. They're already in the game.

Waiting for a better feedback system so you can tell when your health is low. Only found out after watching a sacriel vid that health and blood are two separate systems, and currently the only way you can tell if you're low on health is when your screen goes blurry with post-processing effects. The problem is, most people have post-processing off because it looks like arse.
Posted 04:35pm 18/1/14
Oh so I've been collecting shotgun shells this whole time for nothing lol
Posted 04:49am 19/1/14
We all know the spray paint will be used to paint penises on every surface possible...
Posted 05:47pm 19/1/14
Why would someone use an antibiotic against poison?
Morphone and leg splints don't fix broken legs either...but they do in the game. Its just a game mechanic.
Posted 06:03pm 19/1/14
Morphone and leg splints don't fix broken legs either...but they do in the game. Its just a game mechanic.

Pretty much this, you need to draw the line between realistic and annoying.
Posted 11:39pm 19/1/14
Dunno about you guys, but I used some morphine and a make shift leg splint when I broke my leg, fixed it up almost instantly.
Posted 03:48pm 21/1/14

I can also drink a can of soda through a gas mask, while wearing sunglasses underneath for added effect.
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