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Post by Eorl @ 02:07pm 11/01/14 | 4 Comments
State of Decay developer Undead Labs has taken to their official website to reveal that the company has now signed on for a multi-title multi-year agreement with Microsoft Studios. Though studio head Jeff Strain was somewhat cagey on what this new agreement entails, he did state that "there are big things going on with State of Decay."

It obviously doesn't take a detective to work out what Strain means when it comes to "big things" for State of Decay, with the studio previously looking at moving the IP into an MMO form. The ex-lead programmer of World of Warcraft and ArenaNet co-founder has been open all along that State of Decay - which was originally labelled Class 3 - was a testing ground to build up to an MMO with the working title Class 4. From what was last heard, the team were waiting for approval from Microsoft, which now seems to have been the case.

"Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for State of Decay," Strain concluded. "We know how far we'd have gotten if it hadn't been for your spreading the word, and it definitely wouldn't be here. You made this happen."

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:38pm 11/1/14
I think it would work better as an open world sandbox game sorta like Rust or Dayz. With mod support, obviously.
Posted 08:42pm 11/1/14
I always thought state of decay would have worked so much better as a coop game so this could be good.
Posted 06:57pm 12/1/14
Yeah, I think a coop game would be good too. I wish it had mod support and/or mp. It's definitely a game that would be way better with mods.
Posted 01:53am 13/1/14
State of Decay was always supposed to be a prototype for a much larger more ambitious persistent multiplayer online version.
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